A Little Bit of Blogger Love!

Before I started blogging, I pretty much thought I was the only person in the world (or at least, in my then very naive view of the world) who loved writing, fashion and photography. All of my friends were into clothes and boys and drinking things we weren’t supposed to, but everyone thought writing and photography was a bit – dare I say it – geeky.

So when I set up scarlettlondon.com in 2011, I didn’t know that I’d be opening myself up to a community of like-minded ladies, who shared my passions for pouring their thoughts into the written word, producing the best photography they could and getting creative.

These five years have really helped me realise that it’s definitely not geeky to love writing – and hey, even if it is – to embrace it. Because blogging is definitely where it’s at. And I feel a little bit like I’m having the last laugh to those that teased my blog after they stumbled upon it accidentally after me trying to hide it for the first two years. That last part is totally not meant to sound stuck up either! I just feel very privileged to be a part of what this amazing blogosphere has turned into.

Young women (and men) are creating careers and successful businesses for themselves, using only the tools they have in front of them. They’re creating beautiful content that in the media world, it takes months of prep and teams of people to produce. Bloggers are paving the future for content creation, for social media and for advertising in many ways. Those in their twenties and early thirties are often dubbed the ‘entitlement generation’ however we’re all working at maximum capacity (even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like work at all) to create something long lasting, something exciting and something reflective of our hard work. To better ourselves even if the opportunity wasn’t there initially. To develop something from nothing.

And there are people also maintaining their blogs as a hobby. Pouring their hearts into personal posts as a method of coping with a difficult situation. Creating content to inspire. Using their blogs as an outlet to share their stories. Or simply just joining a community of other like-minded individuals to share their love of beauty, fashion or travel. I think it’s amazing.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling now. My inspirations largely lay in the blogging community – where there are so many wonderful people who I’ve both met and not yet met, who produce the most beautiful content from their keyboards. Some I’ve followed from the very beginnings of their blogs and others, I’ve stumbled upon in the past year or so – but they’re all most certainly worth a read. Many of them you might know already! So if you’re keen to find a new site to spend the next hour (and two cups of tea) with, you might want to try one of these. Or indeed all of them. I couldn’t possibly decide.

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Here’s a little bit of blogger love… 

The Londoner | link 

I’ve followed Rosie’s blog right from its humble beginnings – and it’s so wonderful to see how far she has come. She’s always had a fabulously classy sense of style and travel plans to rival even the most seasoned explorer – but more than anything, I love the manner in which she brings her readers along with her, on every adventure. Her writing is beautifully descriptive and the photography is stunning. The only issue is you’ll log off and want to book a trip away. And buy a snazzy camera. And do a sneaky Asos haul. And get a fabulous Chelsea blow dry.

Lydia Millen | link 

Lydia also has the most flawless blog, with a crisp white theme that extends to her Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. However despite this, she’s also one of the few bloggers that really ‘keeps it real’ and shows her readers all the sides of every picture. Recently, she was getting criticism about photo-shopping her images and looking different on Instagram and YouTube. So she retorted with the most hilarious Snapchat rant that instantly crushed any of the negative comments she was getting. I love how she seamlessly weaves beautifully written articles about subjects that concern young women, with the most stunning outfit photographs. The perfect combination of both motivation and inspiration!

Hannah Gale | link 

Hannah’s blog is one of my favourites and my go-to if ever I’m feeling down, happy, sad or like I need someone to make me snort with laughter. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the lovely lady herself and she’s every bit as funny, down to earth and gorgeous as she comes across on her blog. Her posts are written as though she’s speaking to a friend (a theme she continues on her vlogs) and so if you ever need a bit of a pick-me-up, she’s right there for you with her words of wisdom and witty anecdotes. I love the ‘diary’ type feel to her blog – and the fact that you can instantly tell how much of a passion she has for her writing. I don’t think she gives herself enough credit for how utterly fabulous she is!

In The Frow | link 

I’ve always been a fan of Victoria’s blog and remember it in the early days – when even then, the beautiful lady herself was always full of fashion tips and helpful beauty advice. Now, her platform is a fully fledged online inspiration destination. She’s always jetting off to the most gorgeous places and constantly upgrading her content and reader experience so that her audience can experience the very best that bloggers have to offer. I love how she’s still very open and honest, yet her flawless, editorial style content offers that something added extra!


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Fashion Mumblr | link

Josie works so hard on her blog and her YouTube channel – and it really shows. Everything is carefully crafted and each post is a delightfully interesting read. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and she always knows how to pull together the most elegant outfit, even with accessible items from the high street. She comes across as a really lovely, likeable person – and she also has the most adorable little dog Dexter!

Gracie Francesca | link

I love Grace’s go getter attitude, as she instils confidence into young women and promotes the idea that we should love our bodies and not be so hard on ourselves. Described as the internet’s big sister, despite her ever rising popularity, she retains a down-to-earth approachability and has time for everyone, which I think is so admirable! She’s funny, witty and absolutely beautiful too!

Frock Me I’m Famous | link

Hayley is one of my favourites because she really captures what it’s like to be a twenty-something woman, both in an honest and glamorous manner. Her recent post on being cheated on is possibly the best thing I’ve ever read, because she just describes – in a nutshell – exactly how we feel after something hideous like this happens. She dishes out great advice – and teams it with beautiful photos of outfits that you’d actually wear! Plus, she’s so business savvy and puts her heart and soul into her blog, which really shows.

Niomi Smart | link

After giving up dairy and eggs last year, I was constantly on the lookout for healthy inspiration and recipes, for which Niomi’s channel filled this position beautifully. I love how she keeps healthy eating attainable and although doesn’t try and force her plant-based style of eating on anyone, but merely offer an alternative way of thinking. She is one of the biggest YouTubers in the UK, yet there’s still such an air of accessibility and you really feel as though she loves what she’s doing. She’s steered away from the usual YouTube route and built a beautiful and approachable wellness brand that retains authenticity. It’s clear to see that she wouldn’t talk about something she didn’t genuinely love. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event back in LFW and she was so sweet and down to earth. A rare find these days!

Wonderful U | link

I adore that Megan doesn’t follow typical blogger trends – and maintains her honesty and personality when writing posts, even if they’re about a sensitive subject matter. She has the most incredible photography, teamed with beautiful and insightful writing – making for a really engaging read. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the lovely lady behind Wonderful U in the past and she’s just as kind, genuine and beautiful IRL as she is online.

Media Marmalade | link

Mel has been at the forefront of my bloggers radar from the beginning, as she’s always maintained such a beautiful and informative blog with the most incredible content and stylish photography. Despite having a full time job alongside her blog, she produces new content regularly (I’m going to say everyday, because there’s always something new for me to read which is lovely) and it’s always of a very high standard. Her website and the navigation is flawless – and it makes for a really enjoyable reading experience. She is a lover of beautiful handbags (like me) and so I always love venturing over for a little nose at her gorgeous outfits.

Em Sheldon | link 

As I’m sure many of you know, Em has been a friend of mine pretty much since the beginnings of my blog. We met at the Cosmo Blog Awards, which she went on to win – and several months later, we headed to Paris together for a girly trip. She’s such a lovely girl, with a big heart – and she is totally #bodygoals. She puts so much passion into each of her posts and I think it’s evident for all to see. She evokes so much wanderlust and it’s inspiring to watch her grow, build her little empire and still remain completely down to earth.

Vix Meldrew | link 

Vix is another blog I turn to when I want to laugh until I cry or cheer myself up (or a wonderful mix of the two). Her writing style is refreshingly open, witty and honest – and she brings to light the things we’re all thinking, but don’t necessarily know how to put into words. She hilariously explores the trials and tribulations of the modern dating world, with a light-hearted twist – and her ‘10 things‘ series is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. You’ll be nodding and giggling along with every single one!

Sarah Ashcroft | link

So Sarah’s ‘blog’ is more Instagram and Snapchat based (although she does have a website That Pommie Girl), but I love it all the same! She manages to make any item of clothing look insanely incredible – and as a result, my bank balance always suffers. Her life is an array of gorgeous holidays, a pretty amazing car (her black jeep wrangler is complete #cargoals) and a make-up collection to rival Kim K’s however it’s also clear she works very hard and is constantly striving to create content better than before. She still retains accessibility and authenticity despite having amassed a MASSIVE following – and having met her a couple of times, I can confirm she’s a genuinely lovely girl.

Do you have any favourite bloggers or YouTubers you’d like to recommend? I’m always on the hunt for more! 

  • Amazing post. It’s so important to share the love especially as we can all be in similar boats x


  • Aw, I love all these ladies too – all such babes, and so are you!

    Sophie xx

  • Absolutely love posts like these – it is so nice to discover new blogs through recommendations like these, I love so many of these girls already though too!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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