Blackbird Jewellery Boutique!

I write so much about jewellery – I think I’m addicted? However, what’s not to love about my latest discovery – Blackbird Jewellery Boutique, which designs and creates beautiful unique items. You’ll also be pleased to know, that the items are affordable too! My favourite is my new flower charm bracelet which has so many different components that I love about it. Not only do I love the silver chain style that it has, but also the cute charms that add a girlie touch to what is a wonderful well-priced piece of jewellery that I wish I had been able to wear for my prom. It would have gone so perfectly with the colour of my dress, however there’s always my prom next year – so not to worry! So if you fancy a charm bracelet with a quirky touch – have a look at Blackbird Jewellery Boutique (they have necklaces too!) Click Here to view their lovely collection. Here’s my bracelet (sorry about the quality of the photographs – again, just me trying to be creative!)

If you wanted something a little different – here’s my picks on the rest of the Blackbird Jewellery collection. There are several pearl style bracelets which I love, as they have a twist on an original pearl bracelet (due to the added charm). They are all really well priced, considering the quality and design on the items.  My bracelet was fairly heavy (indication it’s well made!) and the charms looked very stable whilst on the bracelet (which is good, as usually with an intricate piece of jewellery, I’m constantly worried I’m going to lose a piece of it whilst out and about). Anyway, here’s some other bits you might like!

Heart Necklace – I love this, its gorgeous but very different and individual.

Heart of Gold bracelet – and its only £14.95

I really think this jewellery boutique offers some lovely pieces, and it’s really worth investing in jewellery that is good quality and is going to last. It’s also lovely to have unique, original pieces that no-one else has because you get plenty more compliments, which is always a confidence boost! Log onto the site and take a look (I’m definite you’ll find something you like). Blackbird Jewellery Collection

What do you think of my bracelet and of the Jewellery? Leave a comment below 🙂 xx

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