Champneys Pamper Night In

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll have probably noticed the influx of GIF illustrated dissertation woes on my feed. I have less than 500 words to go, but for some reason, I still feel so enormously far away from the finish line. Although sitting at my desk, tapping away on a laptop doesn’t appear all that tiring from an outsider’s perspective, this project has really drained me and I feel like I’m running on empty, despite taking naps in the day and getting 9 hours sleep at night. Working morning, noon and night has left me exhausted – but I think mainly, it’s mentally.

So when Champneys got in touch and enquired as to whether I’d like to partake in their ‘Pamper Night In’, such an offer couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. I find it very hard to just ‘take time off’, because then a certain guilt sets in that I should be working – so to have a purpose behind it – a blog post, was exactly what I needed. I think regardless of having a dissertation to contend with, we all find it difficult to steal a moment of tranquility, so hopefully this will inspire you to take some time off your busy schedule – and indulge in a Champneys moment.

To help me along the way, Champneys very kindly sent over two of their signature products – the Cloud Nine Indulgent Dry Body Oil and the Harmonious Hand & Nail Cream. They also added in a pair of their fluffy white slippers (which I graciously accepted, since the slippers I received at Christmas are no-where to be seen – do they just grow legs?), a voucher for some snacks and a Netflix voucher. The latter of which I was delighted about because I’d spotted a few new series that I was eager to dive into.

So, one evening this week, when I’d usually be squinting at my laptop and furiously writing down notes, I stopped all work related business at 6pm sharp and slipped into some pj’s. Well, the last part might be a slight white lie, because I was in my pj’s already. But, I did add a dressing gown. Just to complete the look.

It was something of a rarity to end all work related commitments at 6pm – but a really nice feeling, as usually I’m so absorbed in my phone, emails and social media, I can’t switch off. I propped up my laptop, got snuggled into bed with a pot of dairy-free Booja Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate Ice-Cream (which is the best thing ever, honestly – you need to try it, whether you’re vegan or not) and picked out a new series.

I got out my nail file, nail varnishes, body creams and face masks – and decided what to pamper first. It was actually a bit of a mood boost in itself to have set up a little spa experience in the comfort of my room.

Eventually, I figured my nails probably needed a tidy up (I am so lazy when it comes to this area and tend to wait until my next trip to the beauty salon is) – so I filed and buffed away until they looked relatively respectable. I slathered on a generous helping of Champneys ‘Good As New’ Harmonious Hand Cream and let it melt into my skin. I’ll be honest at this point and say that hand cream isn’t something I usually incorporate into my skincare routine. My mum and grandmother have always loved hand cream (venturing out with no less than two, at any one time – I’m sure) so I’ve always given my samples over to them. Something I’ve slightly regretted during the winter months or transitional months, when my hands do actually get quite dry. However, there’s something very lovely about having silky soft hands. Oddly, it makes me feel more ‘put together’. More renewed.

I popped on a face mask (I often struggle to find face masks that are workable for dry/sensitive skin – but I love the Honey & Oat varieties, as they don’t seem to irritate anything) and then settled into my skin pampering – starting with my Champneys ‘Well Earned Treat’ Dry Body Oil. Now before I get going, I will say that dry oil’s have always confused me a bit. How can an oil – be dry? Surely that defeats the point of an oil? The paradox of the product’s claims itself meant that I’d never really tried it out for myself properly. But after a quick go of this one, well I realised, I’ve been missing out. Massively.


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Far surpassing a moisturiser, which often takes awhile to sink in – and then leaves anything you have lying on the floor stuck to your legs, the dry oil sinks into your skin almost instantly, with no oily, greasy residue. You are left with a certain shimmer to your skin (although this is welcome in my books) however there’s no other tell-tale signs you’ve moisturised, other than a silky soft texture. It feels almost more hydrating than traditional moisturisers and again, you’re not left with a hand full of leftover cream to deal with, since you spritz on as much as you need.

The Champneys version smells of plum and vanilla, which is the most incredibly relaxing scent ever. Although I love the aroma of essential oils (which do indeed transport you into ‘spa mode’) the sweeter, subtler scents are more wearable for everyday pampering – and leave you sniffing your skin every five minutes. Nope? Okay, just me then.

All while this was going on, I had popped on the pilot episode of ‘Jane The Virgin’, which is currently on Netflix – and I’m both ashamed and proud to say, I’m now on episode 12. Uh yes. That dissertation…

I don’t want to spoil anything, because it’s so ridiculously addictive and the plot and characters are very easy to connect with (despite it not really being plausible). If you love things like Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, 90210. Then you’ll love this. I did warn you its addictive though.


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After indulging myself in nearly three hours of pampering and Netflix watching, I thought it might be about time to bring out more snacks, so I reached for a pot of Whole Foods hummus and a pack of their homemade tortilla chips. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m a massive hummus fan. I eat it every day for lunch, with an assortment of crudités (or oatcakes) and so I do consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to which stores offer the best versions (they all have differing concoctions of more/less garlic, lemon and olive oil). Whole Foods hummus (it’s in a white pot, with a white lid) is by far the best I’ve ever had. I can’t describe why but it’s telling that I can eat an entire pot in one sitting. Which probably defeats the point of healthy food. Everything in moderation.

The pamper night went on for another 4 hours, before I fell asleep – which I had to say, was the most soundly I’d slept in a long time. I often find it difficult to drift off to sleep at night straight away, largely because I’m overthinking various things in my head. However taking some time out, purely for myself was the boost I needed. I felt renewed and restored and in just a few hours, back to my old self. Although working hard is something I deem very important, making sure you’re relaxing and taking time to restore is equally as important. It’s all about balance I suppose. And so I recommend a little pamper evening of your own if you’re feeling in need of a boost too!

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This post was kindly sponsored by Champneys, however all opinions, words, hummus loving and hours spent watching Jane the Virgin, are completely my own.