Going Coco Loco with Lee Stafford

It’s not very often that a new beauty launch is hosted actually in the founder’s apartment. And may I add, INCREDIBLE apartment at that. But then again, it is Lee Stafford we’re talking about – a brand that paves its own way with everything it does. From the products (lets not forget, they were the first to bring out a super amazing hair growth masque – that actually work) to the ultra hot pink packaging (it stands out on shelves for the right reasons) – they don’t do anything by halves.

I’ve been a big fan of Lee Stafford and his products for years, so when I was invited to meet the brains behind it (the man himself), it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Celebrating the launch of his new Coco Loco range, he invited five bloggers into his own home – for an afternoon of all things coconut.


Complimenting his quirky, hot pink products – Lee’s home (which he shares with wife Jessica Jane, son Angel and adorable doggies Knickers and Pants – all of whom we had the pleasure of meeting) is an amazing explosion of fun, bright and unique pieces – a moose head with a feather boa, a mini salon laced with his own products and exposed brickwork with neon lit signs. Rather than presenting an intimidating, unfriendly and impersonal venue to be showcasing his new range (which can be the case for new product launches), it provided the perfect backdrop for the ‘Coco Loco’ which apparently means ‘Coconut Crazy’!

Once seated at the Instagram ready table (complete with coconut bowls of fruit, coconut truffles and coconut cocktails – phew), Lee got down to business outlining the concept behind the range. Drawing upon the fact that EVERYTHING seemed to have coconut in at the moment (as a nation, we’re all going a bit Coco Loco), he explained that he didn’t want to simply bring out another ‘me too’ range or jump on a very full bandwagon but moreover, he wanted to bring to life his memories of tropical holidays and fun, coconut based scents. Plus, he wanted to hone in on the amazing benefits coconuts can bring to your hair, which upon reflection – no other designer haircare brand has yet attempted.


With a mix of Lee’s signature scent and a tropical coconut addition, the final result is reminiscent of Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion, which I have to say is my absolute favourite. The packaging is in keeping with the pink theme but it’s been given a bit of a makeover to ensure it stands out on the shelves, with rose gold detailing and a lighter shade of pink for the base. The USP of the range is to inject moisture into dry and damaged hair, which coconut succeeds in doing – so all in all, this was pretty much everything I could have wished for in haircare.

Alongside the shampoo and conditioner (which are fab – and a really affordable £5.99 price point) there is a Coconut Spritz (straw to silk milk), a ‘Blow & Go’ genius blow dry lotion, a deep conditioning Coconut Mask and a Coconut Balm.

My favourite (if I was pushed to make a decision on purchasing just one) is the blow dry lotion, which can be applied to towel dried hair and really helps speed up drying time, as well as keeping frizz at bay and injecting some much needed moisture into the ends (which around this time of year, tend to frizz and split due to the weather). It doesn’t weigh your hair down like some blow dry lotions, not does it leave any greasy residue. Plus, it infuses the delicious Coco Loco scent into your hair, which I love! Good looking, under control hair is great but locks that smell good too, is a bonus!

I’ve been trialling all of the above for the past three weeks and my hair is looking a lot healthier and more ‘alive’ (if that can even be said about hair). I believe they’re all available on the shelves (at Boots, Superdrug or your nearest national retailer) and ready to take home, so I’d definitely recommend a look in if you’re in the market for some new hair products.

Also launched at the same time was the amazing Kiss of Colour in Playful Pink, which Lee demonstrated for us on a lock of blonde hair. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Cara Delevinge is experimenting with pink locks at the moment, however for many of us – dying it permanently is a bit too much of a big commitment. Lee’s Kiss of Colour is the commitment-phobes answer to candy pink locks, as the wash in wash out formula is totally flexible depending on your preferences. A ten minute coat will leave you with a hot pink finish, which lasts for around 4-5 washes (so even if you’re not keen, you can wash it out and dull it out very quickly) or a five minute coat will develop to a grey/lilac/very dusky pink with a shorter lead time. In other words, you are at the reigns of whatever shade you desire – even if you just want it for one night!

If the launch itself wasn’t fantastic enough, we each took home the full range of Coco Loco to try out – in addition to an incredible CocoLux pure copper candle which is infused with tropical gardenia and coconut! AMAZING! 

Lee Stafford | Link 

I’m yet to brave trying the pink – do you think I should go for it? Have you tried the Coco Loco range yet?



  • wow ! !what a fantastic event ! And as usual your pictures looks great ! 🙂


    • Scarlett London

      Thanks Marie, it was such a fab event! x

  • Kellie Hill

    I love anything with coconut in, Im going to be checking all of this out. PS Lee Staffords wife is a BABE

    • Scarlett London

      Thanks for reading Kellie! Me too – I’m drawn to anything coconutty! She totally is, they are such a cool family with an amazing apartment x