Holiday Hair with ghd

To this day, I still remember getting my first pair of ghd’s. I was 13 and absolutely delighted that I’d no longer need to sneak up to my mum’s bedroom before going out with my friends to use them. I had a pair of my very own! I felt like a truly independent woman, a real grown up! Oh, those were the days! 

Fast forward 8 years and there’s still something very iconic about the brand and it’s association with great hair (well, it says it in the name – great hair days). Their stylers have always been sleek, slimline and in my opinion, paved the way for how the design and functionality of the straighteners we know and love today are.

But far from settling at being the best, ghd continue to bring out some incredible products – in a plethora of beautiful colours to suit all dressing table settings. We’ve seen pastel collections, the signature pink stylers and the arctic gold edition. There’s been an amazing array of limited editions over the past couple of years. But none have yet quite been so holiday-inspired than the Azores Collection, the range that my latest pair of stylers lay within.

With a trip to Thailand in the pipeline – and two-week’s of humid-hair-hell to potentially deal with, I thought it would be the perfect time to test out some staple holiday hair looks. And eventually, after a rather ridiculous amount of time spent on Pinterest and a session in front of the mirror, with an assortment of hairbrushes (note – those round barrel brushes don’t seem to agree with me) – I finally settled on this rather simple wavy beachy look.


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Dress – Rare

Bag – Jody Bell

I’d love to say I’m one of those spectacular bloggers who can twiddle around with hair and create some sort of waterfall braid masterpiece. But that would be a white lie. I’m working on it. 

However, I’m really happy that this look is super simple and easy to re-create. I simply divide my hair into two halves (splitting at the crown and tying up the top half), before running a few loose curls through the ends. Straighteners rather than tongs, are much more effective at creating a casual, everyday wavy look – and the ghd magic means that whatever style you lock in has amazing staying power. I don’t tend to use hairspray because I absolutely despise how crispy it makes my hair (not to mention my quick turning greasy roots) so I gave the stylers the real test of time!

The heated black plates are tucked into the stylers rather than level with the ends, which means that even the most accident prone of hair creatives (I fit into this category) can be rest assured that they won’t end their styling session with an assortment of painful finger burns. Plus, as with all of their designs – there’s an automatic switch off button after 30 minutes – so no more of that worry when you leave the house and imagine your carpet setting fire and you returning to find your flat on fire. Again, I fit into this category and did this once with a pair of tongs (which didn’t have the snazzy setting) and left a rather delightful black hole in the floor. Those clever people at ghd really have thought of everything.


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Nuuna Notebook Stone Gift 

And in terms of getting you into the holiday spirit, the design of the tongs haven’t been overlooked either – especially the edition I have – the Marine Allure. With a turquoise pearlescent finish and a sparkly coating, you could be forgiven for thinking that they’d been designed with mermaids in mind!

Inspired by the tropical Azores Islands (which I am yet to visit but have written so many press releases on this place in a previous job – so am eager to book a trip), the new jet-setting range also includes the ‘Serene Pearl’ and the ‘Atlantic Jade’ which both remind me of the beautiful sea shells you often find on the beach.

So whether you’re a hair-whizz or simply need a helping hand with the holiday humidity, ghds are definitely the go-to this summer – or at least, they have been for me so far. Curls, waves and sleek locks can be created in an instant – and there’s no need to nervously sip on your Pina Colada when you realise you may not have switched them off…

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Do you remember your first pair of ghds? And do you have a favourite holiday hair go-to look?


Post in collaboration with ghd.