An interview with: Becca from fashiontrain!

As I am a huge fan of the number one fashion blog ‘Fashion-Train’ I emailed the blogger herself (Becca) asking for an interview and she happily obliged. I was mainly interested in just how Becca feels about the success of her blog, because it is hugely successful and she has a wide fan base!

When did you first start blogging and why?

I first started blogging about 2 years ago now, My uncle moved away and wrote a blog about his travels and I thought why not write one about fashion? I’ve been fashion obsessed since about the age of 11 and none of my friends were really interested in my fashion ramblings so I had to talk to somebody! So I set up my own blog and it started from there!

Did you ever face any setbacks along the way whilst blogging (were people critical and how did it make you feel?)

There’s been a lot of setbacks along the way, people just generally saying bad things about my site. People who found out after I was featured in the September issue of sugar magazine at school and starting commenting and saying things. At the end of the day you got to think you love what your doing at the end of the day and to carry on with what you enjoy!

 When did it first hit you that people were beginning to love your blog and how did it make you feel?

It still shocks me right now, I love that people love reading my blog. It’s what makes me keep writing and is very motivating. I suppose i’ll never digest it all but to take each day as it comes. I write my blog off the top of my head and to think people enjoy my writing is amazing!

Currently, you are very well respected in the critical world of fashion (having been invited to lots of fashion events) – do you think this is purely down to networking or the originality of the blog?

You’ve got to be yourself. You’re writing your blog for you. I write what comes into my head and I like to write about situations and problems my readers face day to day such as ‘what do I wear for college?’. I try to keep everything high street and how to stay stylish on an affordable budget and I hope that is what engages my readers and make my blog original and interesting to read!

What main tips do you have in order to blog as well as you do?

I wouldn’t say my blog is doing very well as there are so many other blogs which are much bigger. But tips wise, I’d try to be original as possible with your posts and vary what you’re writing. The blogs which are just full of outfit post after outfit post will get boring, so try and vary what you’re writing. I would say to get a twitter account to interact with your readers and to try and reply to blog comments and read other blogs!
I hope everyone enjoyed the interview, and that if you haven’t already done so – have a look at FashionTrain!

  • Jane

    Hi Becca. I think you can take it that your blog is doing well if people want to interview you off the back of it xx

    • scarlett_dixon

      Very true, she is very successful! 🙂 and she’s very lovely and considerate too xx

  • Carol Parker

    Hi Becca, love your Fashion Train. I look at it every day……

    • scarlett_dixon

      It is such a great site! I hope you enjoy Scarlett London too? 🙂 xx

  • Carol Parker

    I certainly do. Xx

    • scarlett_dixon

      Thanks Carol! If you have time, take a look at my newest article (also reviewing fashion) you might like it 🙂 xx

  • Haze

    i dont know her blog but she seems so lovely and it is horrible that anyone is making comments about it at school (or were) but just remember whilst people are sat hating on you, staying in the same unsuccessful place, your going places and beaming successful:-) i love that your writing high street fashion tips so will deffo hav a look. there are too many beautiful clothes at prices which are ridic if you are only gonna wear it once so i think your defoo original 🙂 all the best and Scarlett your gonna be in interviews soon because your writing is so good. your Katie blog belongs in heat mag!! xoxoxo

    • scarlett_dixon

      Yeah, it is a shame that people make nasty comments, although it’s probably because they are jealous that they didn’t come up with the idea first/or that they don’t have a successful blog. But theres always going to be someone who is jealous, or who doesn’t like what your doing so I’m glad she stuck to it. Thank you for reading the article, and thank you for the lovely comments! I hope one day, I will be conducting interviews (with celebs) as I love writing about them! Keep reading xxx