Made up Chelsea..

After now watching two episodes of the highly anticipated ‘Made in Chelsea’, I am sure that I am not the only one left disappointed. Reality fly-on-the-wall documentaries have grown from strength to strength over the last few years, attracting huge audiences with their real situations and real people. In the much loved The Only Way Is Essex, there was much dispute over the first series, as I believe some of the ‘characters’ may have been misinterpreted or misrepresented however today the cast are now dominating newspapers and tv chat shows, proving their success to their widespread audiences.

However, I’m sad to say that Made In Chelsea did not quite follow in its lead, unsuccessfully not providing characters that audiences can warm to. Straight away, the audience is introduced to a fairly convincing ‘love triangle’ whereby the man in question (Spencer) is really not worth the battle. Caggie Dunlop and model/dancer Funda are battling it out for his attention, whilst he plays both girls as he appears to be indecisive and wants to have his cake & eat it. Although it provides an interesting storyline for the audience to get their teeth into, we really don’t see much else going on. A very cringe-worthy date with Oliver Locke and Gabriella Ellis was aired, where the very feminine Oliver was quite clearly uninterested in his ‘girlfriends’ attentiveness. It was not only highly odd to watch but also must be embarassing to watch back from both the ‘cast members’ – are they really that desperate for fame, when it is so clear to the audience that they must be faking their relationship.

Although ‘made up chelsea’ contains cringe worthy scenes, a pointless love triangle and characters that think extremely highly of themselves, I believe their time will come and audiences will perhaps find a character to warm to. The cast may learn with time, to be themselves much more without putting on the superficial ‘oh my goodness’ and ‘we’re going to have such a fabby time darhling’ it may be more watchable. This will mean that we can watch it without squirming too much and hopefully (I say hopefully) Caggie Dunlop will find someone she can have to herself – as she is more than capable of doing so.

Only time will tell…

Watch Made In Chelsea – Monday’s at 10pm on E4.

Responses to this article from cast members –

Caggie_Dunlop (via twitter)
Some pretty fair points. But only 2 eps in, a lot will change and ppl will hopefully warm to the characters more. (sic)

  • h/g

    this is brilliant and i love it i think you have said it really well and i dont disagree with caggie that im sure it will improve but im not wasting my time watching it when there are student nights out you could be at instead of spending time watching a scripted reality tv show. if they called it a soap or drama or whatever then it wouldnt cause so much drama. its such an obvious copy of towie and the presenter even felt the need to say “forget the only way is essex” at the beginning. whats that about! im sure itv dont even care about this cast off. its disappointing work thats all but your blog is brilliant which is what i was trying to say before i wrote by book 🙂

    • scarlett_dixon

      Thank you! Yeah, it will improve – as people begin to ‘get used to’ the casts ‘acting abilities’. However your very right – student nights are much more worth while and will probably be more benefical than watching yet another ‘scripted reality soap’. All these scripted soaps like TOWIE and Geordie Shore are becoming all too common and very soon, they will become boring to audiences.
      But until then, we’ll have to carry on cringing..
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment though, very much appreciated.
      – Can you access the homepage from your link (just checking because some people can’t) xxx

    • scarlett_dixon

      Thank you!! Yeah I know these scripted reality dramas are creating a new genre altogether. But its not long before audiences get bored of yet the same format…
      thank you for commenting, much appreciated xxx