Things You Didn’t Know About Stranger Things

Things You Didn't Know About Stranger Things 2

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The Netflix series has taken the world by storm

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The world has been glued to their Netflix accounts, as the arrival of Stranger Things Season 2 was announced last week.

We were all ready for a mammoth N&C binge session.

And whether we tuned in because we didn't want to miss out on the office chat...

Or because we wanted to return to the land of upside down with our fingers crossed that somehow Barb returns...

One thing is for sure, it's been the talk of Twitter.

So I figured what better to do with a collection of pictures of me in a field of pumpkins (though please note, these ones haven't yet been touched by the ominous monsters) then to dedicate an entire post to the spooky series.

And whether you're 1 episode in, or the full 9 - I promise there will be no spoilers!

Photography by Kaye Ford


Things You Didn't Know



Both the actors who play Eleven and Jonathan Byers are from the UK and have British accents. I would have never known!

They certainly can't claim #nofilter on this one, as the whole series has been filmed using high tech snazzy cameras and then a grainy filter has been whacked on the footage to give it a more vintage feel.

Eleven's character is based on ET. Apparently before filming started on Series 1, Millie Bobby Brown was told to emulate ET's walk and slow, wide-eyed demeanour - taking in everything as though for the first time, with an inquisitive but slightly terrified nature. She pulls it off.

The kids were all pretty terrified of the Demogorgon during filming (er, me too!) as although special effects were used, there was a giant prosthetic monster on set to act alongside. The only way around them not being scared was to pretend that the monster was from Monsters Inc and was friendly. Apparently it worked. I'm still terrified.

If you're intrigued about the Upside Down then apparently there's a secret 30-page document that explains what it is exactly, with thorough detailing. They were in talks about revealing this to the public (because lets face it, I'm still a tad confused about what on earth goes on and how you get in and out and what it is exactly - and what happened to Barb?!) but at the last minute, they changed their mind once the following series were commissioned, as it was agreed they wanted the Upside Down to only be portrayed through the eyes of the characters.

To get Eleven to float in the pool during the last series, they had to use 1200lbs worth of Epsom Salts. I kind of want to try this at home in the bath.

Eleven's look was inspired by Charlize Theron and Joyce's hair is based on Meryl Streep's character from Silkwood.

People couldn't get enough of Barb after filming finished, even though she sadly disappeared throughout the mid-part of Series 1. Apparently she had to quit her part-time job at a movie theatre because people kept showing up to get selfies with her.


"Something’s coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here."


+ It inspired a clothing collaboration with Topshop

The show was so popular, Topshop jumped on board to collaborate on a clothing collection - which I had a peek at recently, and had to restrain myself from buying everything.

Whether you fancy sporting a 'Never Forget' tee emblazoned with Barb's face or an official Hawkin's jumper - you can enter the land of upside down, without all the weird, scary vines and creepy things floating through the air.

I'm kind of sporting a semi-ST look, with my checked shirt and my jumper dress - but I've got my eye on this logo tee!


Shop my outfit:

"This is not yours to fix alone. You act like you’re all alone out there in the world, but you’re not. You’re not alone."

And you may have missed this but... 

While I don't want to bring out my inner English Lit student, I feel like there's some really lovely key themes running throughout Stranger Things (especially season 2) which I picked up on as being really heart-warming. And may have even inspired a little cry session.

The Bond Between Mother & Child

I don't know about you, but I find the relationship between Joyce and Will so lovely and I adore how much she will go out of her way for her son, even if everyone else thinks it's an absolutely bonkers theory or idea. She's so dedicated to her children and she really portrays a realistic, poignant mother who will do anything for her children. I love this little detail - and Winona Ryder plays Joyce so so well, it feels so real.


Again, another heart-warming aspect is the theme of friendship and how the boys and girls look out for each other (even in very strange circumstances). I feel myself rooting for them as friends, as well as in the storyline.

The Secrets of the Bourgeoisie

One thing I was really drawn to, especially this season was the extent that the scientists (backed by the government?) go to keeping the secret of the Upside Down from the outside world. Despite causing death and destruction, they are intent on making sure everyone stays quiet, regardless of the cost. This just made me think about our world, I wonder what goes on behind closed doors that we don't know about - and probably never will. Is it fair that Barb's parents were kept in the dark?

Back to basics

I kind of love that the series is set in the 80's, where technology was pretty basic and the kids ride around on bikes, talking to each other through walkie talkies and exploring. Obviously the crazy world of the Upside Down is most definitely not basic, but I love the lack of technology and the focus on friendship.



Do you have any favourite parts of the show? What do you think will happen in Series 3?