Vienna – Something For Everyone!

When planning a trip abroad, there are a variety of factors that we consider, depending on who we are travelling with, how much of a budget we have and what we want out of a trip. Admittedly, it is difficult trying to please everyone (and most of the time you won’t) but it is worth asking for recommendations, because word of mouth, blog reviews, sometimes Trip Advisor and articles are the very best way to find and research your perfect holiday.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Vienna, in Austria and was pleasantly surprised at the number of things it had to offer a variety of ‘target markets’. I have a younger sibling (who is 6) and of whom I have previously holidayed with, so I consider myself able to recognize when something is ‘child friendly’ or not, as well as being able to recognize whether it is enjoyable for couples or groups of friends also. It’s rather rare to come across a place where everyone is catered for, but I do think that Vienna really does offer something for everyone.

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I have recently visited Venice, a place considered one of the most romantic places in the world and seen by thousands (if not millions) of couples each year. However, I actually found Vienna to be on par with Venice in terms of ‘romance factor’, as it is such a beautiful city to get lost in, to eat out or to explore. There are a number of places of historical interest (Austria has a rich history which you can’t help but become embroiled and interested in whilst you’re there), including palaces, buildings which are hundreds of years old and memorials. The city is littered with fountains, which at night, are lit up – providing the most magical atmosphere, and with plenty of terraces overlooking the canal, you are sure to find somewhere perfect for two.

If you are visiting in a couple, I recommend taking a boat trip around the Donaukanal (the canal), which includes dinner (and watching the sunset by boat) or a visit to the Beveldere Palace, which honestly has the most picturesque and well kept gardens you’ve ever seen.


A city break with friends is always an adventure, and certainly in Vienna – this is no different. There are always activities going on, throughout the year, which are tailored towards young people and groups, so it’s worth taking a trip down to the city information centre to see what is going on. During our stay, there was the annual PopFest – a free festival in the Karlsplatz area of town (a beautiful location) which showcases local talent and usually attracts huge turnouts. We visited one evening and were astounded by the number of people attending and how lively the atmosphere was (you don’t expect a festival in the middle of a city!). We didn’t stay long because we were very tired from our outward journey, but I can see why so many tourists flock to Vienna at this time of year.

Whilst there are many bars dotted around the city to explore, one thing I really recommend you do during your stay (if time permits) is to indulge in one of the many ‘themed cruises’ which are held every other night on the Danube River. Whether it’s 90’s disco, Fiesta Mexicana or Midsummer Night’s Dream, each one is sure to be memorable – especially if you’re in a group and fancy something a bit different!


Families are also catered for in Vienna, with an array of museums that are both interesting to kids, teens and adults, a local zoo and several swimming pools. If you have any aspiring ‘princesses’ in the family, they can dress up and spend the day as a royal at the Schönbrunn Palace!

For older children, the Prater amusement park offers an adventurous day of fun, with a Reisenrad Ferris Wheel (with views all over Vienna), bumper cars and a variety of other rides (as well as an Austrian Madame Tussauds).

Don’t miss:

– The vertical garden at the Sofitel Hotel, you’ve honestly never seen anything like it!

– Holy Moly Restaurant at the Baden Schiff. Not only is the decor and the chef amazing, but the food is pretty nice too!

Whether it’s a cultural trip you’re looking for (Vienna has many museums and places of interest to explore), a relaxing break or a family holiday, you can be rest assured (I’ve trialed and tested it myself) that Vienna offers something for everyone. Truly.