Why the right tools are just as important as the products!

I’m a firm believer that the tools in a girl’s make-up bag are just as essential as the products, so I’m delighted to be able to tell you all about the lovely Sue Moxley’s gorgeous range of pro-tools, which are designed especially with this premise in mind.

If you’ve never tried out make-up tools before and are nervous at the prospect of doing so, (quite simply) don’t be. Since I began using several new different tools whilst applying my make-up, my time has become far less consumed with putting on my face (and wiping the foundation off my hands), which leaves more time for other things! I also find that the application process itself is much smoother, and the foundation I use stays on far longer than if I chose just to use my fingers. As Sue Moxley herself said – you get far better results when brushing your hair using a brush rather than your fingers. This same philosophy can be applied to make-up!

Sue has made it easy for those who are unfamiliar to using tools as part of their make-up regime, or for those who are looking for a gorgeous new set of tools to add to their collection. Her new pro-tools set contains ten gorgeously soft brushes, which each serves their own purpose. My personal favourite is the foundation brush, as its far more hygienic than using your fingers and it’s so soft I often spend several minutes just brushing my cheek over and over again with it (yes, I’m strange).  I have previously tried other foundation brushes, but after mine broke two weeks ago – I switched immediately to Sue’s foundation brush and probably won’t ever go back! It’s such a handy tool that every girl needs in their make-up bag! I couldn’t go without now!

The set also includes an eyebrow brush, eyelash comb and brush, small shading brush, eyeliner brush, angled shadow brush, lip brush, larger shading brush, blusher brush and a powder brush. I particularly like the fact that the blusher brush is slightly angled, which means you can really get the cheekbone line right! I tried and tested all of the above successfully, apart from the eyebrow brush – which I spent ages trying to figure out how to comb my eyebrows. I know it’s probably quite simple, but my eyebrows are a bit nothing-y unless I go over them with my HD brows kit, so it wasn’t worth me fiddling about with them.

Overall, I absolutely love Sue Moxley’s Pro-Tool range as it’s easy to use, a gorgeous white colour set (which looks lovely when arranged on my dressing table) and it even comes in its own white case. £12.00 for ten brushes is an absolute steal, and I don’t think I could recommend anything more to someone that doesn’t yet have a set of make-up tools. Once you are familiar with using them, you honestly won’t turn back! You can even buy them online here.

I love Sue Moxley’s range at the moment, you can read my interview with her here and you can be positive that I will be reviewing some more of her gorgeous range very soon! She’s a lovely lady as well as an amazing make-up artist – so if you are a budding make-up artist or simply (like me) a make-up lover, follow Sue on Twitter here.