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3 Unique Valentines Gift Ideas

3 Unique Valentines Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a V-Day grinch, a sucker for all things heart shaped or are getting ready to celebrate a Galentine’s Day instead, I love the sentiment of having a specific day each year to remind ourselves that we should appreciate the special people in our lives.

And if a balloon bundle, teddy and card is a bit too generic, you might be steering towards the handmade variety of gifts. I have to say – a hand-written note, card or meal is certainly a far more appreciated gesture in my books!

But if you wanted to go that one step further and opt for a unique, handmade and personalised gift – then here’s a couple of ideas!

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7 Simple Hacks to Beating the Instagram Algorithm

7 Simple Hacks to Beating the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm.

Those three little words rattle around the blogosphere constantly and confuse even the most seasoned user of the photo sharing platform. 

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has changed its newsfeed from a chronological format (where each post displays in time order) in favour of its infamous algorithm, which claims to organise users feeds based on what it thinks will be of interest.

The premise of the algorithm is actually a pretty good idea. A personalised newsfeed of all the photos you’ll probably like most, based on what type of content you tend you engage with, which profiles you spend the longest looking at and commenting on and what’s popular with other users. 

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