14 Things That Make Christmas so Special

Despite social media often displaying otherwise, Christmas doesn’t have to be a showcase of hugely expensive gifts and extravagant gestures. I know in our family, it’s not necessarily the presents but the family traditions that make it the special time that it is.

Too often we get lost in among the commercial aspect of the holiday season, panicking about whether the presents we’ve bought will be well received or whether Aunty Marge has got you another shelf and set of marbles that you have to feign delight for. Our Christmas lists might start out as long as our 8ft/10ft trees and

So, to celebrate all of this – I’ve teamed up with Lindt for their Bring the Magic Home campaign, which is all about documenting and cherishing those little individual moments that make Christmas so special and unique for you. Once I’ve shared my magical moments, I’d love for you to share one of yours (just so we’re properly getting into the festive spirit) – and as an extra treat, I have a huge Lindt hamper to give away as a prize in return for taking part!



So get ready for the festive, fun and some downright weird things that make my Christmas magical…


The big all-singing, all-dancing occasion that putting up the Christmas tree grants. Stick on that cheesy festive music (Santa baby), unload the baubles from the loft, hey why not even open up the snacks. Cheese savouries, tex mex dips, mince pies and mini Yule logs with a light dusting of icing sugar. This is a momentous occasion and it has to be done right!

This particular moment also contains a bonus feature – the excitable declarations from individual family members when they find their favourite bauble. OMG, don’t you dare put your brother’s prized reindeer (that frankly, looks like it’s seen better days) on the tree. Or else!


Having a legitimate excuse to drench the house in sweet smelling reed diffusers, cinnamon candles and mulled wine plug in refills. And relaxing in the knowledge that not even the biggest of scrooges will complain. Well, if they do – you’ll only release your full collection (they haven’t smelt anything yet).


That excitable feeling in your tummy that only seems to happen around Christmas time. It’s like we’ve all turned into children again (which is totally okay) but every-time something remotely festive appears on TV, radio or in reality, those little magical butterflies make a reappearance. Just for reference and scale purposes, this particular moment is on par with entering Disneyland and slightly better than when you see your waitress carrying over your food.


The crazy traditions that would seem totally bizarre at any other time of the year but completely normal at Christmas. Our family takes things one step further than most, as we dedicate an entire day (usually the 27th) to playing games, with a number of prizes in store. The highlight is the ‘dressing up game’ where all male members of the family have to attempt to put on tights, dresses, swimming costumes and jewellery in the quickest time possible – all while wearing an oversized pair of marigold gloves. Yes, it’s really a thing and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.


Having AMAZING TV all month. Usually the options are rather poor if you fancy watching a movie on the television at any other time of the year, but at Christmas – you could treat yourself to The Grinch, The Holiday, Love Actually and Arthur Christmas all in one day. However I am slightly (very) disappointed that Elf isn’t showing anywhere this year. Christmas just isn’t the same without Buddy the elf and his maple syrup spaghetti (which one of these Christmases, I feel I must give a go myself).


Knowing that you can eat whatever you want on Christmas day and no-one (even yourself) will judge you. It’s actually a fact that calories don’t count on the big day – so if you want 5 pigs in blankets, you have 10, treat yourself girl! Oh and by the way, a totally acceptable breakfast does indeed include bucks fizz, advent chocolate, vanilla fudge and pancakes with lashings of maple syrup. Tis’ the season to be eating…


Watching your brother/boyfriend/best friend opening the REALLY cool present you got them. Whoever said giving was the best present was totally right. It’s much more rewarding seeing their face as they unwrap that thing they’ve always wanted.


Fighting with your siblings over who gets to keep the best hat and rubbish cracker present. Because how many mini yoyos can a girl have. I’m definitely a MUCH better recipient for the giant paperclip. Apparently Moet offer a Christmas cracker with mini bottles of their champagne inside. But hey, I can assure you that nothing beats the giant paperclip and massively oversized hats. It’s tradition!




Browsing the shops just to admire their Christmas selections. You don’t even have to buy anything. It’s just quite special to see everywhere kitted out with fake snow, metres of fairy lights and singing Santa’s. I seem to be forever talking myself out of buying a variety of snow globes but visiting The Range to admire them anyway.


Spending time with the people you love with no distractions. Sure, now that we’re getting older and you’re having to stretch yourself in a million directions to make sure you see everyone. But spending time with family, uninterrupted – is undoubtedly the best thing about Christmas. Sure, there is the odd family argument over when the turkey is going to make it’s grand entrance and whether there are enough napkin rings – but it’s all part of the fun!


Being both annoyed and amused by the jokes in the Christmas cracker. Can’t they think of anything more inventive this year?! Although saying that, do you know what Miley Cyrus eats during the holiday season? Twerky!


Okay I’m talking about scents again here. But how could I not talk about it at least twice when there’s SO many good ones around Christmas time! Often it’s the scents alone that evoke the best and most special memories. The scent of pine trees, mulled wine on the hob, turkey cooking, pigs in blankets fresh out the oven, baileys, a real fire, gingerbread, bucks fizz.


Stocking up on your fave chocolate. Everyone knows Lindt is your favourite and so festive season brings with it almost a year’s supply. For the girl who apparently has everything, you can never have too much chocolate!


Your mum insisting that we leave out mince pies, carrots and milk for Father Christmas, even though you’ve been privy to the reality of his existence (or lack of, sad face) for quite some years. Admittedly, we do have the excuse in our household of having a 9-year-old so we’re not just doing it to capture the magic of Christmas traditions, but I wonder if it’s something we’ll always do. And there is always a bite of the carrot in the morning. Mysterious!

So there we have my magical festive moments and I’d love to hear yours! As I mentioned above, I’m hosting a little giveaway to celebrate everything that makes Christmas so special – and I have a rather fabulous giveaway to toast the occasion. Who fancies a Lindt Christmas Chocolate hamper? Can I tempt you?

All you have to do to enter is use the widget below and leave a comment on the post sharing your favourite Christmas moment or memory! I can’t wait to hear them all.

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It’s the little things, don’t you agree?


This post was written in collaboration with Lindt, but all views and silly traditions are my own. If you’d like to learn more about Lindt and their Christmas inspiration tips – or the amazing work they’re doing with the NSPCC, be sure to check out their website. 




  • Evie Pearce

    Such a lovely giveaway! I think my favourite Christmas moment is christmas Eve when everyones happy and excited and you spend all day shopping and baking and preparing and playing games, its all so exciting and wonderful!
    Have a lovely Christmas <3 xx lots of love xxx

    • Scarlett London

      Aww yes, I love Christmas Eve – the preparations are often the most fun!! Have a lovely holiday season too xxx

  • Scarlett London

    Oh yes definitely, all the cheese, chocolate and Buck’s Fizz! I totally forgot about Uncle Buck too, I LOVE that film! Haha, let me know if you do try it – it’s a family favourite! Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  • sunshine

    I love seeing all the decorations on houses and streets

  • Tracy Hanley

    Christmas to me is all about the kids , I love to see the smiles on there faces when there opening there presents

  • Love this post, Christmas TV is my favourite and all the movies they put on.


  • Sharon

    I love visiting Christmas markets, the atmosphere is so unique! X