3 Unique Valentines Gift Ideas

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Whether you're a V-Day grinch, a sucker for all things heart shaped or are getting ready to celebrate a Galentine's Day instead, I love the sentiment of having a specific day each year to remind ourselves that we should appreciate the special people in our lives.

And if a balloon bundle, teddy and card is a bit too generic, you might be steering towards the handmade variety of gifts. I have to say - a hand-written note, card or meal is certainly a far more appreciated gesture in my books!

But if you wanted to go that one step further and opt for a unique, handmade and personalised gift - then here's a couple of ideas!

Because who wouldn't want to celebrate and treat the people you love with something special?

Rose are red, violets are blue.

Sit back, relax and let me show you... 

3 Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade have a wonderful new section for Valentine's Day that celebrates artisan small businesses who offer personalised gifts and beautiful unique handmade pieces. You can shop by category (candles, jewellery, stationary etc) and colour. And since I'm currently renovating our new home, I've spent far too long browsing the pages of the 'home decor' section. Totally not V-Day related but how cute is this name plague.

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Personalised Photo Frame

I'm definitely of the opinion that in a fast-moving digital age, we don't print out tangible copies of our photographs as often as we should. Last year, I really got into bulk printing lots of my photographs, before popping them all into an album so that we'd have be able to flick through it with family and friends and treasure those memories forever.

However this year, since moving into our new home - I'm determined to put more of those memories up on the walls - and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to start popping up prints left, right and centre!

This personalised Valentine's love print is an adorable way to frame one of your favourite memories - with our names emblazoned in scrabble pieces and a teeny wooden heart.

You can upload a picture directly to your order - however if you're just as dis-organised as I am, then you also have the option to print it out at home (or use a photo you already have) and cut it to size for the frame. Which as you can see, is what I need to do. But for illustrative purposes, I propped up one of my favourite photos of David and I, on one of our most memorable trips - Venice last year! 

All there is left to do, is find a home for our new piece of art! 

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Posy Vase

Flowers are a V-Day staple - and there is something so sweet about receiving a gorgeous bunch of roses (although I always tell David not to buy them on Feb 14th when the price is ramped up - as they're just as pretty all year round).

But it's always at this precise moment when I realise we own approximately ONE vase.

This adorable posy vase is handmade in Bath by the Bath Aqua Blowers. Each vase is signed off the year it was made and are beautifully bright and colourful!

I've got a pink one for our new guest bedroom - and I can't wait to fill it up with fresh flowers whenever we have guests to stay.

It's the little finishing touches that can make a room really feel super homely!

I have a couple of those 'everlasting roses' that have seen better days and so I've popped a bud into the posy vase to create a makeshift teeny tiny floral arrangement for the guest bedroom. We're actually having guests to stay over the Valentine's Day weekend - so what better way to bring them a little bit of love! 

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Personalised Make-Up Bag

I don't know about you but I go through make-up bags like they're going out of fashion.

My foundation has a knack of leaking *just* as I've upgraded and since I usually go for the transparent variety, it's a constant muddle which quite frankly, doesn't leave me very dressing-table-proud.

These personalised make-up bags double up as fabulous wash-bags for guys and I love the pretty writing and font too.

They are the perfect size to fit in all the essentials and make travelling a breeze!

They are handmade by MYOG Prints - who offer some really lovely printed gifts for a variety of occasions, so I'm definitely going to be popping back to their Amazon store sometime soon!

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Do you have any plans for the upcoming day of love? What are your favourite handmade gift ideas?

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