Scarlett London is your destination for content on high-street (with the occasional high-end treat) fashion, beauty, travel, well-being, career and everything in between.

You’ll find short snappy posts on my latest finds and discoveries as well as longer think pieces about everything that goes down in the world of a 20 something-year-old woman trying to make her way.

You may know me from my blogger events which I started as a way to bridge the blogging community and give us all new ways to network, inspire and encourage.

And that’s what Scarlett London is all about – bridging that gap between those dreams you have and your every day realities.

So here are my every day realities. I love dressing up (my walk-in-closet is my proudest achievement) and dressing down (there’s nothing better than cosy pj’s and a book!) and I own far too much make-up for one face alone

I’ve just moved into a brand new house with my wonderful boyfriend David and I’m currently in the process of sweet-talking him into getting a puppy.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

I’m a trained journalist, full-time blogger and my ultimate goal is to write, finish and publish a book with a snazzy cover that will make the reader laugh, cry and feel inspired.