Hello! I’m Scarlett London, I’m 22 and I live in the UK! Welcome to my little slice of the internet!

Who Am I:

Blogger | Model | Digital Manager | Events Co-ordinator

165cm | 56kg | Size 8 Dress | Size 6 Shoe


The Biography:

I’ve always loved writing and so having an outlet to practice it as much as I wanted seemed like a natural thing to do, setting up this site in 2011 – when the blogging world looked very different to how it does now.

Initially, I started writing about all things television, fashion and beauty before moving gradually into the realm of lifestyle blogging, indulging in my love of food and travel.

But underneath the fancy pants image that a blog can enable, I was always deeply unhappy. I’ve never sugar-coated my opinion (there are a number of travel and beauty reviews that prove this) but I suppose that when you filter your life online, you only choose to show the best bits. I’ve suffered with IBS from the age of 14, I had a big issue with my nose and I was overweight. Until 2014, none of these things featured on my blog.

But then, everything changed. 

I decided that the only person who was going to be able to help me, was myself. A realisation I came to after seeing a grand total of 30 GPs, specialists and health experts. So with the help of a nutritionist and an intolerance test, I completely cut out dairy and eggs in April 2015. A former cheese addict (honestly, camembert, cheddar, gouda, emmenthal – I wasn’t fussy), it was a little tricky initially but I wanted to be rid of the symptoms that plagued my daily life. I wanted to regain some control over my life and not continually have to obsess over my stomach being in agony.

I also booked in to have rhinoplasty surgery, after saving for several years. It wasn’t a flip decision but something I’d thought about for a very long time. I’d always been cynical of cosmetic surgery, because it has largely been given a bad name in the media – albeit with the help of celebrities – but I knew that no amount of healthy eating or exercise was going to change that crooked lump on my face. And so I went ahead.

A year and a bit on, and I feel like a completely new person. Although it wasn’t my main intention, changing up my diet meant that I lost nearly three stone – going from 11’6 to 8’13. I discovered a love for flavoursome, wholesome food and honestly, I don’t miss the huge bowls of greasy cheesy pasta and sickly chocolate bars one bit. I’d always looked at people who said things like the above with horror, but I’ve never felt better.

And with this new found confidence, came so many other things. I have reignited my love of fashion and beauty, I’ve changed up my hair. I’ve been to the BAFTAs. I’ve been on a TV Advert on ITV, E4 and E! telling the nation about my new found confidence and I’ve even starred in a fashion campaign for couture designer Jody Bell.

So I suppose my blog is a bit like an online diary of all that has happened to me so far and all the exciting things I have planned in the future. I post every other day (on the even dates, so 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th…) and I try to inspire my new found positivity into everything I do. Sure, we’re all human and I have rubbish days too (so expect some rants on my blog also) but there’s so much negativity in the world, I want to make this blog a place of positivity. A place you can come and explore the world with me!

I’m not trying to dictate my way of living to others, because everyone is different. But I think the main message is that nothing is impossible. As cliche and ridiculous as that sounds! And that everybody can be somebody! You don’t have to let anything hold you back!  

As well as running this site, I also put together blogger networking events in and around Central London. They started off because I wanted to get to know more bloggers in my local area (I always turned up to brand launches feeling like a bit of lemon and not knowing anyone) and somehow spiralled into a huge event with brands and hundreds of bloggers. If you’d like to find out more about the events I’ve hosted or am hosting, please click here.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me : scarlett_dixon@hotmail.co.uk

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Published works:

As well owning a camera full of well-lit and meticulously positioned face creams, I am also a trained journalist (NCTJ/Degree) and often freelance for different online and print publications. I’ve collated a few samples below, just in case you fancy a nose!


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If you would like to contact me about a freelance opportunity or require a copywriter, please email : scarlett_dixon@hotmail.co.uk


Shortlisted for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 in the ‘Best Fashion Blog’ category (2013)

Shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 in the ‘Best Newcomer Blog’ category (2012)

Shortlisted for the Blog.com awards 2011 in the ‘Best Fashion & DIY Blog’ category (2011)



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