Archipelagos Hotel, Mykonos

Sometimes, you can just tell you’re going to love a place the moment you walk in. The surroundings, the atmosphere, the decor, the staff – and a warm (or should I say refreshingly ice cold) welcome with two mojitos on a rose gold tray. It’s safe to say that where first impressions count, I was instantly in awe of our Mykonos accommodation from the very beginning – the stunning Archipelagos Hotel.

Nestled at the bottom of a hill in the Kalo Livadi region, this beautiful place became our home for the duration of our trip – and I say home because the boutique aspect made it feel very cosy and welcoming. Despite the luxurious exterior, the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks and the community feel makes it feel as though you’ve found a little home away from home, rather than a place with an uncomfortable formal pretence – which you can often find with stuffy posh hotels.

The white-wash walls contrast beautifully with the bright blue sky and the bold pink bougainvillea – which together produce the backdrop for any devoted Instagrammer. It’s no wonder I spotted a number of fellow bloggers stalking the Mykonos streets. But anyway, back to the Archipelagos…


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Picking accommodation on an island targeted at the luxury market is a rather difficult task, because it often means that hotels can charge a premium but deliver a mediocre service and largely get away with it. It’s a tricky decision to make when you haven’t been before and only have TripAdvisor to go on – but luckily, we got it exactly right with this hotel, as it ticked all of our boxes.

Our small, but perfectly formed room was beautifully light and bright – with a blue shutter lined window opening up onto the most beautiful view of the ocean. Only a few steps from my bed and I could be listening to the most relaxing sound in the world – the waves lapping against the cliffs and the birds gently tweeting as the sun rises. It all sounds very idyllic and Enid-Blyton-esque (did anyone else LOVE her books as a kid?), but I don’t think my words would possibly do it justice as it really is just the most beautiful place.

The decor has recently been refurbished and so if all white everything doesn’t already give off a clean and refreshing feeling, then this new and improved Archipelagos certainly does. Our bedroom was kitted out in the most perfect combination of grey and white – with more bright pink accents sneaking their way into certain aspects. All together, it just creates the most homely, yet gorgeous place to stay.


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And clearly, I wasn’t the only one who felt so strongly about its accommodating atmosphere, since it was recently featured on the prestigious ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’ list – an accolade which is telling of who else it has impressed!

The mini resort is all based around the gorgeous pool area and open terrace restaurant, which acts as a ‘hub’ for guests during the day – offering snacks, the most delicious cocktails and fresh fish during the evenings. The rooms then surround the pool, offering stunning sea views – which in my opinion, is the perfect arrangement. You can while away the day sipping passion fruit mojitos (a personal favourite, just in case you’d like a recommendation) on the very comfortable day beds which hang over the pool – so you can dip your toes in without even having to leave your lounger. They’ve clearly thought of everything here – since no detail is left to be corrected.


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Location wise, this hotel is perfect if you’re honeymooning or wanting a quiet getaway, as it’s far enough away from the main Old Port Town Centre to feel private, quiet and exclusive but close enough that you can spend an evening there if you wanted to. Personally, I don’t particularly enjoy being in among the busy town centre quite as much – as it’s not relaxing, but I suppose it totally depends on what sort of holiday you’re after! The hotel does run a shuttle service several times a day if you are wanting to head in for a meal (which is albeit cheaper than the hotel’s offerings, if you’re on a budget) and a taxi one-way is 20 euros, which is worth bearing in mind.


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The Kalo Livadi area is pretty windy – so please bear this in mind if you’re visiting, since you will want to pack a jacket for the evening. However, the positive of this is that when you’re sunbathing, it never feels overly hot or sticky since you’re getting a constant breeze running through. Wind + Sun = you’ll probably get the best tan you’ve ever had. Just saying! 

Overall, it’s a beautiful place to make your base for the duration of your trip to Mykonos – especially if you’re a sun worshipper or want to primarily relax, read your book and sip some of the most amazing cocktails you’ve ever tasted. I’d head back in a heartbeat and my only real criticism would be that the service at breakfast and lunch was a little slow for the first day or so. Saying that, they were so accommodating of my dairy intolerance and even made special dishes to suit my requirements – so all is forgiven. Plus, I thought it was a lovely touch that the chef quite often comes out of the kitchen to chat to guests and give his own personal recommendations on where to visit on the island, again – reiterating that Archipelagos family feel. Once you visit, you’re one of them!

Archipelagos Hotel | link 

1024 Kalo Livadi,

Mikonos 846 00, Greece


My stay at the hotel was provided on a complimentary basis in return for coverage, but as always – my views, opinions and decision to waffle on about cocktails and Enid Blyton are all my own.  I would never provide a favourable review if it wasn’t my true and honest opinion (you only need to see some of my previous reviews to prove this!). 

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