May Beauty Favourites

This month has mainly been taken up by finishing University and preparing for my holidays, so my beauty trialling hasn’t been the main priority – however, as always – I’ve still managed to try and test a number of different new products. Surprisingly though, out of 10 collections/products I’ve tried, there were only a handful I actually liked and felt deserved a place in my favourites selection – so without further ado, here they are…


Lord & Berry | link

You’ve probably seen Lord & Berry on my blog before, because they’re a regular in my make-up bag and they’re constantly bringing out fabulous new products. This month luckily, it was no different and I’ve been testing out a rather mammoth amount of their latest range. One of my favourites so far is the ULTIMATE lipliner, in #3044 Bare, because it is both natural and richly pigmented – meaning that’s long lasting and such a beautiful colour. It’s a really creamy consistency and so applies very easily, leaving you to blend as you see fit. It looks quite dark on the website, but it’s actually just a rich nude shade – so perfect for achieving that (dare I say it) Kylie Jenner esque lip, without spending your entire night online trying to pay a premium for her products. If you want to add a glossy sheen or a touch more pigment, I would recommend the crayon lipstick in 20100 or the skin lip gloss in 4867.

Their pressed pure eyeshadows also really impressed me, as they are too richly pigmented and perfect for blending to create that much coveted smokey eye. They are crease-free and very long lasting – I counted a full 12 hour session with it still in tact! Pretty impressive. My tried and tested combination is the creamy shade Porcelain all over the lid, with Love It (a dark brown) on the crease line and then the beautifully shimmery metallic Panacea on the inner corners. If a novice like me can do it without it going wrong, it’s certainly fool proof! And last but not least, I’m super excited to use my new mini make-up bag for taking on holiday with me! It’s unbelievable how much stuff I usually forget to take because I just stick it into my hand luggage to save on space – this is the perfect size!


Rosie for Autograph | link

Rosie’s collection at M&S has been the talk of the beauty industry for quite some time now but it’s only this month that I managed to get my hands on a few samples. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, because I kind of figured it would be one of those celebrity ranges – if not slightly better because it had a big brand fronting it, but actually I was massively impressed. The rose gold packaging gives the range a very unique, exclusive feel, making the products feel more expensive than they actually are – which is always nice.

The Deco Diamonds eyeshadow palette in particular is a new firm favourite of mine, not only because the colours are absolutely beautiful but also because they’re super long lasting. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a brush – but then hey, these pretty much always get lost and gather bits of eyeshadow – so it actually looks a whole lot sleeker without. And I tend to use my own brushes 9 times out of 10 anyway. I really like the fact that the colours are really build-able, meaning that you can experiment both for day and night usage. Usually you have to err on the side of caution when it comes to eye-shadow because one strong brush stroke could spell you looking like a panda – but fear not, because these are creamy, smooth and easy to build upon. Just my kind of palette!

The liquid eyeliner is also very impressive, largely because the applicator tip is probably the most precise I’ve ever seen – and it creates that signature flick every time, without fail. For someone that usually leaves the house with wonky eyeliner, this is the best addition to my make-up bag in a long time. Thank you Rosie! 

The Lip Glossy product surprised me because it’s actually in the form of a lip crayon rather than your traditional applicator – but it still maintains that richly pigmented, shiny finish. The only difference is that this doesn’t wear off after a few sips of your cosmopolitan. Bonus! 


Amika Haircare | link

And moving away from the make-up side of things and onto haircare is Amika – an amazing bright orange collection, with a knack for restoring dry and damaged hair – just in time for summer! The packaging on this range is so fun and fruity, it gives you an instant uplift just having it on your bathroom shelf (if that’s not a completely odd thing to say) and luckily, their impressive-ness continues. With a secret ingredient (well, not so secret) of Sea Buckthorn Berry, the formulas are all anti-frizz, perfect for beating that humidity crisis now that we’re heading into summer (well sort of) and they have all been designed to nourish your locks from the inside.

The Triple RX Mask has probably been my main saviour, because it gets to work super quick and you can feel the difference in texture upon first use. I was a teeny bit disappointed with the scent of this product, as the packaging gave off the impression that it would be quite citrusy and summery however in reality, it is reminiscent of play dough. But hey ho, you can’t always have it all – and to be honest, I’d much rather my hair was in tip top condition and looking better than it has in months. Which is a true statement after a two week trial. I didn’t get an awful lot of use of the Haute Mess Texture Gel, because I’m not overly adventurous when it comes to these kinds of things but I imagine it’s a fabulous product to take away with you and leave in your hair for natural waves in the evening, after a day in the sea!


Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots | link

I’ve been using this particular product for a couple of months now but it’s really come into its own now that the weather has changed. If you, like me, suffer from a dry, sensitive scalp – especially during the summer months when it’s exposed to sunlight, then this is the product for you. It’s basically a moisturiser for your scalp and roots but by some sort of miracle, it doesn’t make your hair greasy. Apparently it’s supposed to enhance hair growth because it stimulates the scalp (ooh fancy) but really, I love this because it freshens up your hair and soothes any tight, itchy feelings. It smells incredible, because it includes pure coconut oil, eucalyptus and peppermint oil. This should be a staple on any dressing table!


Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask | link

And last but not least is a bit of skincare, by a brand I’ve only recently come across – Cellcosmet. It’s ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin (categories in which, unfortunately I fit into both) and you are supposed to use it one or two times per week to recharge, soften and smooth. It’s advertised as an ‘anti-stress’ mask, which intrigued me – because my skin always seems to be in a heightened point of stress. Woo! 

The consistency of the product is quite thick, a bit like sudocream and it doesn’t melt into your skin instantly, so it’s not the kind of thing you can just plonk on and then immediately after apply your make-up – however I think it’s best worn at night when it has time to sink in and take effect without anything irritating it. I do usually wake up with a dry face, especially now I’m sleeping with the windows open at night – and this has honestly made a drastic difference in the get go. I no longer feel the need to slather on the moisturiser quite so excessively when I wake up – and it’s soothed the redness that I suffer from quite a lot on my cheeks. I won’t subject you to a before and after picture, because quite honestly – I think a lot of the stuff we notice on ourselves because we see our skin so many times each day – but if you’re looking for something to get you through the summer months, when dry and sensitive skin seems to flare up, then this is a great one to try! It is pretty pricey (and they did send this to me for review, so I’m not going to claim I bought it myself) but it’s fabulous and it definitely works.

Do you have any beauty favourites this month – or recommendations?