The Blonde Edit: 3 Hair Trends

This post is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with L’Oreal Professionnel.

How often do you change up your make-up? Chances are, it’s pretty frequently. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll switch up your blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and lipstick to suit your outfit and match the season. I prefer darker, smokier looks for the winter and festive party season and then in summer, I like to mix things up by experimenting with colour, pinks, baby blues and reds which gravitate towards my ever-growing wardrobe.

So if our make-up can be seasonal, can’t our hair follow suit?

Well, L’Oreal Professionnel certainly think so, with their exciting launch of the new ‘Blonde Edit’ centered around keeping your colour fresh, vibrant and summery, helping you to feel like a glowing goddess once the British sunshine finally makes an appearance.

Us blondes probably visit the salon more than most, as we all know too well how often we need to top up our colour, tweak the roots and keep things looking fresh and healthy with a trim. We’re rather loyal salon-goers and so it only makes sense that these three new trends have been devised to assist in updating our colour and changing things up for the summer months!

So whether you have a big girls trip planned, a romantic break or you simply want a little refresh for your swooshy locks, then listen up! Because these are the three summer hair trends you need to know about…


Platinum blonde is making a come-back, but it’s more classy, sassy and elegant than ever.

Inspired by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, who has graced the red carpets sporting a glossy champagne-like hue, Platinude is L’Oreal Professionnel’s fresh and radiant take on the brightest of blondes.

To embrace your inner ice queen, this look teams up L’Oreal’s lightener and smartbond technology, to ensure minimal damage while also taking the colour up as bright as possible.

Years ago, this kind of bright, light look just wouldn’t have been feasible but L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio Platinium, is a far more gentle way to lift hair while still maintaining hair health and that much desired luminous shine.

Admittedly this is a bit of a statement look, so it’s not for everyone (Kim K gave it her best shot, but IMO she’s a better brunette) however if you’re looking for a dazzling change or a blonde update, this may certainly be it!

It’s worth bearing in mind however that in order to match your skin-tone, your colourist will probably tweak the look slightly to suit you best.

It will probably be more icy if your skin is cool-toned and more champagne like if you’re warmer and more olive-toned!

Going Platinude was actually my first choice when I heard about The Blonde Edit, however as you’ll see below – eventually I opted for something a little more colourful.

Think: Jennifer Lawrence, Kim K Blonde.


Blushed Blonde

Of course, as you’ll probably be able to admire from the pictures, out of the three options – I chose the Blushed Blonde service, because I was drawn in by the fact I could softly enter the world of pastel, without deviating from my natural blonde too much!

Pastelyage and bright colours have been popular for several years now, but it’s only recently that this bold hair trend has entered the mass market.

L’Oreal Professionnel have made the look even more accessible by creating a ‘blushed’ pink option for natural and highlighted blondes, still maintaining the glossy, California vibe but with an edgy twist.

I admit, I was slightly terrified at the thought of having hair that looked any different to the hair I’d been used to all my life.

But I was reassured by the fact the L’Oreal’s colourful hair product would rinse out in 5-10 washes. It wasn’t permanent but a fun shake up for summer!

Plus of course, I was in very good hands – with hairdressing extraordinaire Jack Howard taking the lead and mixing up Pink Sorbet and Sunset Coral to create a mermaid-inspired multi-dimensional look that would jazz up my hair completely!

We lightened the ends a little bit to make sure the colour would lift all over – and then the pink was painted on using a balayage technique, mixing and matching the two different blushed shades to create a multi-tonal effect (this is always great for forging the illusion of thicker hair – yes please!).

After leaving the colour to set for 20 minutes, the dye was rinsed and my hair was officially candyfloss coloured!

Admittedly, it was quite a shock at first – as is any colour change – because it forces you to look at yourself in a different way and for the first few days, catching yourself in the mirror is a mind-boggling experience.

However, watching the stylist scoop my hair up into an up-do to show off all the different shades of pink was pretty cool.

I left the salon swooshing my new hair and taking lots of selfies to commemorate such an occasion.

My only slight regret was wearing a red faux leather jacket, because while I’ve never had to consider whether my hair clashes with my outfit before – it’s definitely a real first world problem!

The blushed shade washed out in intensity over the following weeks – and my favourite stage was when the colour was just on the turn – as it was this gorgeous rose hue that seemed to catch the light!

Being experimental with colour definitely gave me a confidence boost I never expected – and left me wanting to experiment with my hair a little more!

Who says you have to play it safe? Especially when it’s temporary, just like make-up!

Think: it’s more of a temporary colour but it’s been rocked by the likes of Ellie Goulding, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson – and even Helen Mirren! 

Bronzed Blonde

For all you brunettes who might be reading this (thanks for sticking around with all the blonde references), fear not, because we haven’t left you out!

Those taking their very first steps into the realms of blonde can get involved too, with the very subtle but gorgeously glossy ‘Bronzed Blonde’ look.

A little like an much updated ombre, this look focuses on soft, subtle flecks of blonde running through your hair, rather than an all over colour or obvious two toned look. L’Oreal Professionnel’s lightener and smartbond is mixed together and painted through the ends to reveal a sun-kissed look, with minimal damage.

Apparently, having certain bits of your hair lightened in this balayage fusion style helps to thicken the appearance of your locks and brighten up your face, complimenting your make-up as it frames your features subtly.

If you’re considering going lighter (or even full on blonde) for summer, then this is a great way to test the waters before making a full commitment.

Plus you’ll walk out of the salon looking like you’ve just been on holiday for a few weeks!

I always think adding a bit of dimension to your hair can really help modernize your look and get that bit extra from your colour!

Think: Olivia Palmero, Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian! 

“Those taking their very first steps to blonde can get involved!”


The Blonde Edit is available exclusively to L’Oréal Professionnel salons, head to to find your nearest salon.