Body Odour Brunch

Body odour perhaps is perhaps a slightly unusual topic of conversation to have with fellow bloggers over brunch, however last week – I found myself doing exactly this, albeit joined by TV’s favourite Dr Christian Jessen. In a rather beautiful location, just a short stroll from Farringdon, the UK’s leading antiperspirant brand Sure held a brunch to remember to celebrate the launch of their Antibac range.

And while it might be a difficult task to make deodorant and odour talk glamorous, Sure somehow managed to give it their best shot. With the help of the stunning (and rather Instagram-worthy) Bourne & Hollingsworth, they had created a very photogenic spread – with preserves, floral bouquets, teas, cappuccinos, toast, avocado, salmon, muffins and granola – and the occasional sneaky deodorant can, which gave clues as to what was to follow.


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After a short introduction, first on the agenda was a game involving our place-cards. For on the back of each one was either a question or an answer. Each one was odour related but it broke the ice a little and allowed for Dr Christian to elaborate on each aspect. For example, did you know that…

Eucalyptus is a natural antibacterial?

Or that eating onions scent your body odour?

Or that everyone has a different body scent created by the breaking down of everything going on inside you. That’s why perfumes smell different on different people and when you go round your friends houses, they have a distinct ‘family scent’?

Or that you soon become so used to your smell, that you won’t be able to catch a whiff yourself?

Or that bacteria can develop on your skin surface if you don’t dry yourself properly after showering?

Or that antiperspirant and deodorant are completely different things? Deodorants mask your sweat with fragrance and scent, while antiperspirant puts a temporary ‘plug’ on the sweat glands so that it reduces the sweat you produce significantly.

Nope, I didn’t know that either.




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And oddly, it was really interesting. Because as unglamorous as body odour might be, it’s something we all have. It’s something we all have experience with and have to ‘deal with’. It might not be an aspect that we think about daily, but we sure do apply deodorant or antiperspirant everyday, so it was interesting to gain a unique insight into it.

Of course, all of this interesting chatter was in aid of Sure’s new Antibacterial Odour Protection range. Designed to reduce up to 90% of odour causing bacteria that live on the skin’s surface, it allows you to live life freely and keep on moving without worrying about what you might smell like! The formula encompasses scents rich in natural ingredients and known antibacterial properties, so expect to see Lime Oil, Eucalyptus and Orange Terpine on the label.

Overall, the scent is very fresh, invigorating and unisex, while still maintaining subtlety – which I love, because it means you can layer on your favourite fragrance for the day, without feeling like your antiperspirant is overpowering it. Plus, being the perfect size to pop into your handbag – it’s easy to spritz on and top up as and when you need it!


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I love the fact that Sure in particular develops the majority of their ranges as ‘motion activated’, so the formula reacts directly to movement and provides protection against wetness and odour.

As we’re coming into the colder, wintery months (which I’m secretly quite excited about, because it means I’m closer to the acceptable watching period of my favourite film Elf!), it’s even more important to find the right protection for you. The fact we all rush drying ourselves after showering simply because we want to step into warm clothes ASAP means that sometimes we may be prone to more bacteria developing near to the sweat glands, which could cause… you guessed it, body odour. The new AntiBacterial protection will get rid of 90% of those for you, meaning you can start the day fresh, fragrant and focused!

Did you know any of the facts about body odour before reading them above? Do you have any facts you could add?


This post was created in collaboration with Sure, but as always, all views and opinions are entirely my own. 

  • Such an interesting topic, and I’m loving the look of the food.

    • Scarlett London

      Thanks Rosa, the food was amazing! x

  • This is actually a really interesting post, even if it is something quite random to be discussing over breakfast haha! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • Scarlett London

      Thanks Jessie! It is random but pretty interesting stuff! x

  • Sounds like an interesting brunch, and looks delish! xx

    • Scarlett London

      It was so yummy! x