Convenience Tanning!

Self-tanning can often be a bit of a hassle, as not only do you have to rub vigorously to eliminate streaks, but you also have to judge whether you’ve put the same amount of lotion on each area. So, when I discovered that there were self-tanning wipes out there on the high street (yes, you heard me correctly – self tanning wipes!) I had to have a go of them myself!

I might be a little behind the times, as when speaking to other bloggers – I realise that these aren’t an entirely new invention but have been around several years, however it’s brand new and exciting to me so I decided to review them from an entirely unbiased perspective (regardless of what I’ve heard from other bloggers).

I chose to test out Famous Dave’s Self Tanner Wipes, as they are pretty easy to access (can be bought from all Superdrug stores nationwide) and they have really lovely packaging (which reminds me a little of the Ed Hardy design). At £9.99 for five wipes, they could be considered as a mid-market product, but I think the price is worth it if you dread tanning simply for the time it takes to apply. It IS much easier to apply, is far more hassle-free and you aren’t left with much mess afterwards. However, you must make sure to wash your hand immediately afterwards as they do stain skin very easily.

The pack states that you should exfoliate and shave before use, which is compulsory for all tanning processes unless you wish to have a streaky, patchy effect. After this, you should then use one wipe to glide over the desired area. I found that using a circular motion when applying the wipe to skin is the best way to ensure equal coverage, as once its applied it is noticeable, which helps ensure that you don’t keep going over the same patch of skin.

It claims that you may need to use 2 wipes to tan the whole body, however as I was only tanning my arms and legs one wipe was sufficient. The tan develops gradually in three-four hours; however as I normally tan in the evening I leave it overnight to dry (meaning I usually end up with rather orange looking sheets).

The after effect was a very natural looking healthy glow, which was surprising seeing as all I did was effectively wipe on the tan and leave it to dry. The wipes have a tan enhancer built within the formula itself, so it lasted a good three to four days without peeling off/before patchy marks started to appear.

I would say that the only bad point was the process of fading, as once the tan fades away – it’s a very quick process. Dependent on how often you shower/exfoliate/participate in sports the tan does fade very quickly and although I didn’t have any unsightly patch marks like other tanning products leave you with, I did go back to my natural skin tone very quickly. This may sound appealing to those who only want to look sun-kissed on the weekend or for special occasions, but for me – who likes to look tanned all week long, these aren’t the most suitable. However, they were very easy and convenient to apply and took the hassle out of tanning!

I would certainly recommend them to anyone who finds the whole self-tanning process very aggravating, or for those who want a sun-kissed natural glow for a special occasion!

A few tips when self-tanning

– Be sure to exfoliate before using any tanning products. This will ensure that you have a smooth base for the tan to develop on. Get rid of all dry skin before applying – and if you are going to shave/wax – do this beforehand (usually 12 hours in advance)

– Wear loose, dark clothing after applying.

– Apply body lotion to elbows, heels and knees (or dry areas). This will prevent the tanning from clogging up in certain areas and ensure you have even, non-patchy results. 

– If you can, tan during the evening. 

– Avoid deodorant or perfumes before tanning.

Please let me know if you’ve ever tried these wipes/or any other branded self-tanning wipes and what your thoughts on them were!