Disney – For Grown Up Kids

Even the thought of Disneyland induces excited butterflies. The last time I visited, three summers ago – we went as a family, taking my 6-year-old sister for the very first time. She was beyond excited but I was on another scale (I’m not joking), I almost burst into tears of happiness riding the monorail into the park (again, I’m really not joking). So it was with relief (I am normal) to see that Disney have brought out a series of videos surrounding it as a place not only for children but ‘grown up kids’ too.

Scarlett Dixon Disney Scarlett Dixon Disney Florida Scarlett Dixon Florida

There’s something about Disney that lets you enjoy being a kid again, all the adventure and exploration and excitement, letting go of all your responsibilities and just enjoying life, rather than picking it apart and analysing it. I know that if I was taken away on a surprise weekend there – it would be far more romantic and appreciated than any fancy weekend to Rome or any shopping trip to New York. Yes, seriously.