Drink your skin beautiful?

I’ve always been a bit dubious about actually putting things into my body. Trying out a new face cream or cleanser requires minimal commitment (bar a bit of temporary redness) whereas actually ingesting something is a little more worrying. So whenever a product crops up that requires consumption, I do really thorough research before even accepting a sample, especially because I have various dietary requirements.

One such product that I came across last year was Gold Collagen – as I was kindly gifted some samples by their PR and spent a good couple of weeks reading blog reviews online. The general consensus was that it was fab. Formulated with collagen (hence the name) to combat naturally deteriorating supplies of the smooth skin necessity, it claims to plump and smooth the skin. Although primed as an ‘anti-aging’ shot, it was also raved about for its hydrating properties – and having tried every cream under the sun to try and get rid of my dryness, I was eager to give it a go.


Of course, claims can made left right and centre – and often they do work at selling the product, however the difference with this one is the active ingredients. It’s all very well smearing a bit of face cream on but nourishing something from the inside can have a really instant effect. I trialled it myself for a couple of weeks and found that not only did I have to apply less moisturiser before bed (when my skin was usually at its driest point) but that I didn’t have to prime before make-up either.

The only real negative for me was the price, £35+ for a box of 10 – which at one a day, only provides enough for just over a week. After a couple of weeks of not taking them, I did see the instant effects start to waiver – which was disappointing but I was very happy with my temporary lapse in having to slap on the moisturiser every five minutes. I suppose if you’re prepping for a big day, like a wedding or a special occasion – then buying a pack and taking it in the run up would be great (and semi-affordable).

If you’re interested in finding out more, I’d give this little video a watch. It’s a bit advertorial-esque but explains the science-y part behind it.

Would you ever try a collagen supplement? Are Anti-Aging Shots a step too far?


Disclaimer: I have been asked to talk about Pure Gold Collagen for the purpose of the video, however as always the words, opinions and genuine reviews are my own. I thought it was quite an interesting concept to discuss and hopefully provoke some beauty debate about!