How To Find Your Perfect Skincare Routine

While I’ve certain met people similar to me in everyday life, I can hand on heart say that I’ve never met someone identical.

My mum might share my fieriness, my sister might share my playfulness and my boyfriend definitely has the same vehement stubbornness (oops), but I wouldn’t go as far to say that we’re the same people. It’s our differences that make us interesting.

And in terms of our skin, we’re all very different kettles of fish too. 

I have dry, sensitive, red and irritated skin with bouts of rosacea and very little in the way of spots. My best friend however has dry skin that is very prone to sunburn but not reactive to anything fragranced. My mum has beautiful radiant skin but she can be prone to rosacea induced break-outs. None of us are very good with factoring in a daily SPF.

However we do have something in common, in that we’ve all used the same moisturiser for years on end.

Primarily, I suppose, because it’s what we’re used to. My mum introduced it to me and I introduced it to my friend. But it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily working for all of us, or any of us for that matter.

And it’s weird, that we’re all so different and yet we expect our skin-care to work wonders for us, even though it might not be suited for us.

I complain to whoever is closest to me how rubbish my skin is (usually this is David – sorry!) but in actuality, I’m being a little naive in assuming it’s going to tailor itself to my needs without instruction or direction.

Really, I should be responsible for tailoring my skincare to my needs.

But where on earth do you start?

Take one trip to Boots and it’s slightly overwhelming to have to scale the aisles for a new moisturiser. Blog recommendations certainly help, but then again – it won’t take into consideration your skin’s needs.

So, what do you need?

We are all so individual in our skincare needs, which can often be affected by genetics, where we live and how much pollution we’re exposed to on a daily basis, how often we travel, what we eat, how much water we drink, how much time we spend outside and even how much sleep we get (or try to get).

No two individuals are entirely the same, which is why it’s very tricky to find a skincare routine that perfectly fits you.

We’re always changing things up in a bid to create our ‘perfect skin’ – a new face-cream, a luxury facial, a new masque.

But do we ever consider whether it might be helpful to ‘design’ our own skincare?

Products that are tailor made for our own individual use and needs?

Well honestly, before last month – I didn’t even know it was possible.

I mean, I’m sure Cameron Diaz has enough money to invest in the best – and perhaps Angelina Jolie gets her flawless skin because she is subscribed to a top dermatologist who gives her tailor made remedies and treatments to use.

But for the average Joe or Susan, I figured this wasn’t really an option.

This is where the Nu Skin’s ageLOC Me device comes into it’s own.

A completely innovative and unique concept, ageLOC Me gives us a little glimpse into the future of beauty – and the exciting developments it may grant us – by offering a completely customisable skin care system.

Tailor made just for you!

Which in itself, makes you feel like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz all put together!

How does it work?

I suppose the concept itself is pretty unique, so I’ll run you through the skin-care system briefly!

The ageLOC Me Skin Care package arrives in a big white box with a Reference Set of skincare products.

This is a set of five standard cartridges of serums and moisturisers to start with, which will enable you to learn more about your skin and its specific needs.

They will be your reference when you take the ageLOC Me Skin Assessment.

The skin-care dispenser is a sleek white device which distributes your product hygienically and by sensor technology.

So once you’ve loaded up your cartridges, all you need to do every morning and evening is wave your hand underneath and the correct amount will be placed into your palm.

I found this in itself to be extremely helpful, as I always find myself wasting product by pouring out too much – or over-loading my skin with heavy product simply because I’ve squeezed too much out!

“All you need to do every morning and evening is wave your hand underneath and the correct amount will be placed into your palm”

The test run

Getting used to dispensing my skincare from a futuristic looking ‘hub’ was strange at first but I slowly got used to the ease and simplicity of having all of your serums and moisturisers housed in one place.

I cut short my morning routine by half the time, simply because I didn’t have to search around looking for all my different products – each of which that seem to grow legs and run off when I need them most!

I found the day moisturiser to be not quite enough in terms of hydration, however the serum really helped eliminate that uncomfortable, tight feeling!

And slowly, my skin started to get used to my new routine!

Once you’ve trial run the products for 14 days, you take the rather snazzy online skincare assessment which carefully analyses your skin’s individual needs and how you’ve found the experimental fortnight.



Design your skincare

The online assessment aims to begin the tailoring process, by asking a series of questions about your skin, its needs and its appearance, in order to fine-tune your products and allow you to get the very most from your new skincare.

Many of the questions I found really interesting, as I hadn’t considered for example how often I’m exposed to pollution and cigarette smoke to be a factor in how my skin looks, feels and reacts, but it’s obviously a big one!

I don’t smoke personally, but I’m often in outdoor situations where others are – and I hadn’t even thought about how that might be affecting me!

The quiz is super simple to complete, with sliders and multiple choice questions so that you can really pinpoint what it is you are lacking in.

It takes into account how many hours of light exposure you get, how your skin reacts to glycolic acid, how large your pores are, if you have fine lines and where they are on your face, where you live and what your skin’s general texture is like.

Then, once you’ve covered the basics – the quiz starts asking for your preferences, meaning you can really tailor your skincare to suit your needs entirely.

It asks whether you would like your night moisturiser to contain a fragrance or be fragrance free, before then enquiring about whether you’d like integrated mineral SPF in your day moisturiser.

That would be a big YES PLEASE from the person who always forgets to add SPF into her daily routine!

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you review all your choices, confirm and then you receive a personal skin care code that will allow you to purchase your Custom Set.


While we’re definitely different from other individuals, our skincare needs also differ from season to season, with the colder, harsher seasons calling for a richer and more hydrating moisturiser and summer calling for something a little lighter.

Additionally, new concerns about fine lines and ageing might crop up – and you may even move to a more polluted area.

Things change, the world is fluid – and so your skincare should be too!

The advantage of the Skin Assessment is that there is no limit to the amount of times you can modify specific answers to further refine your routine.

You can update it every six months if you like – the important thing is that your skincare is working for you and tweaking itself to meet your changing needs!

Aside from Nu Skin’s innovative new ageLOC Me device, I don’t know of any other highly personalised skincare solutions – so if you are having trouble finding a skincare regime that really tackles your skin woes and worries, perhaps this is the next thing to try!

The initial investment can be a little pricey upfront, but the brand actually reward you for loyalty and base their plans on 3 and 6 monthly packages, which include automated delivery every four weeks – which completely takes away the hassle of having to worry about when you’ll run out!

“Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life.”

What do you think about the ageLOC Me system? Would you tailor make your skincare?

This is a paid for advertorial in collaboration with Nu Skin, however all words are entirely my own.