Fushi’s Argan Oil

I absolutely love Moroccan Argan Oil and believe very strongly that it should feature as a key product when maintaining healthy and shiny hair. However, I don’t have a particularly big budget for hair products so can’t really justify spending £39.95 (or more) on a bottle of Argan Oil.

However, as you may have noticed from my previous review of hair oil (here) which unfortunately has sold out, I am on the search for a more affordable alternative and I think I may have found just the product. Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil was kindly sent to me to test out and I have to say, I am delighted with the results!

I tested the product out on dry hair to begin with, as I often feel like I waste product on wet hair (it just rolls off). The directions advise you to either sleep with the 0il in overnight or massage into your hair and wrap in a steaming towel for two hours. I decided to go with the latter, simply because I hate sleeping with wet or sticky hair. I have to say I was astounded by the immediate results after unwrapping the towel, and although I may gone against the rules a little (I only had time for a one hour treatment) my hair instantly felt much smoother and softer.

The oil really seeps into the hair and you are left with  nourishing results. Applying the oil is really quick and easy and if you don’t have time to go through the towel steaming treatment regularly, I found that applying the oil and then tying my hair into a bun for the day works just as well.

If you (like me) are interested in growing your hair, then Really Good Hair Oil is perfect for you as it is rich in antioxidants and promotes hair growth. I would recommend using the oil three times a week for maximum effect, giving your scalp a gentle massage each time you apply it (which also assists hair growth). You probably won’t notice a dramatic difference in the length of your hair until about 9-12 weeks however; you will start to see that your hair is in far better condition – which will give the illusion of longer and thicker hair!

With regards to the smell of this product, I’ll be honest in saying it could be a little better. It isn’t a terrible scent nor is it overpowering, but I tend to be drawn to sweet/vanilla-y type products and the Really Good Hair Oil has more of a dark musky smell. Personally, I can overlook this as the product works so well however it doesn’t smell the same as other Argan based products. The only other negative aspect is that the bottle doesn’t have a filter, so the product tends to come out really fast – and this often results in quite a bit of wastage. However, after several uses you begin to learn what sort of quantity you need to cover your entire hair, so this isn’t a major problem!

Overall, I absolutely love Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil. It’s effective, promotes healthy hair and is far more affordable than regular Argan Oil products (at just £15.95 for 100ml). Although I haven’t used it for long, I am already beginning to see a dramatic difference in the condition of my hair, which is reassuring with a new product. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to improve the texture and repair dry or damaged hair.

Available from www.fushi.co.uk!