How to get the golden glow for summer

Winter passes in a blur of dehydrated skin, dark smoky eyes and (for me) a whole lot of concealer. So by the time summer comes around, I’m wanting to completely revamp my make-up bag and begin to bring back the glow. Because lets face it, if there’s any season we can attempt a Gigi Hadid esque dewy look, it’s when the sun is shining.

So, in case you feel the same way, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my latest dressing table additions, which are helping me update my ‘everyday’ look to something a little more fresh and feminine. I might not exactly have the ‘golden glow‘ just yet, but I’m working on it.


You don’t need to go all out with replacing your entire make-up bag for summer, but a few clever additions can make all the difference!

Change up your eyeshadow to something a little lighter and more fresh, switch your highlighter to a more shimmery creamy option, find your perfect bronzer and introduce a more summer-ready lip into your life.

For me personally, at the first whiff of sunshine, I immediately whip out my Light-Revealing Pearls of Powder by Guerlain, a cult favourite in their Météorites range.

I have collected a few tins of these over the years (one is almost on its last legs but I can’t bear to part with it) and always seem to return to them for a subtle, yet illuminating finish.

The premise of this product is the constellation of multi-coloured powder pearls which both colour correct and catch the light for added radiance.

I get a bit application happy with this product, as I sweep it all over to set my foundation and add a bit of a glow, before then sculpting my cheekbones (if it can even be referred to as that) to replace my highlighter.

The overall effect is a subtle bright shimmer.

And be rest assured, that even if you go even more overboard than you should, you won’t end up looking like your ten-year-old sassy self at the school disco.

Now, when DID we discover that less is more when it comes to face glitter and sparkly hair spray? 

Eye shadow wise – bear with me here – gold is your new best friend this summer, as I’ve recently discovered just how much more awake it can make you look – and how much it brightens your whole face!

Metallic shades don’t just have to be saved for the Christmas party season, since they look rather subtle and shimmery teamed with an everyday look or vamped up for a festival ready combo.

I personally love 06 Gold’n Eyes in the Écrin 1 Couleur, as it just doesn’t crease (not one bit) and you can build it up or down depending on your desired effect.

The pigments are beautiful and it gives you a really high quality finish that I haven’t discovered elsewhere with gold shadow metallics (is it just me or can they look a little too yellow).

Plus the pocket-sized box has a flip out side-ways mirror – meaning that you don’t have to angle yourself with experience and precision in order to see both eyes at once.

One added thing I adore about Guerlain as a make-up brand is that not only are the products so beautifully packaged and so high quality in their appearance, but they also each have their own beautiful scent.

Whether it’s the good-enough-to-eat fragrance of parma violets in their Météorites range or sweet black cherry in their La Petite Robe Noire selection, it adds an extra layer of luxury to your beauty investments – and uplifts you every time you use them!


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During winter months, I’m plagued with dry skin and angry red dots that seem to pop up whenever I venture anywhere a degree colder than my bedroom. Which is pretty much everywhere in the UK. So my skincare routine for this period is pretty hardcore. I mean, four different moisturisers, a glycolic acid exfoliator, two melting cleansers, cleansing oil and a selection of clay masks, is a lot for just one face.

So when summer comes around, I like to switch things up a bit and minimalism what’s placed around my sink. I like to ease off the heavy duty stuff and take things a little more gentle. I also like to introduce a bit of scent, because the sunshine months are a teeny bit more fun and playful and since my skincare routine is the very first thing I do in the mornings, it’s a fab way to reignite your senses for the day ahead!

Guerlain’s Mousse De Beauté Gentle Foam Wash is a tad magical, since it transforms from foam to a silky, translucent cream upon contact with water. It instantly hydrates your skin, cleanses your pores and smoothes out any dry skin patches. The subtle scent of white tea and jasmine leave you feeling rather uplifted, even if it’s 5am and you have a flight to catch. Honestly, I’ve tried and tested it.

My skin looked far more luminous and glowy than after using my old cleanser, which I’m not entirely sure is just the ‘honeymoon‘ effect that you often get when introducing a new product into your regime, but regardless, I’ll take it!

Next up, you’ll need something light and hydrating to pop under your foundation for added radiance and to keep dry skin at bay. I find this really tricky to get right, because often the only creams that will keep the dry patches away tend to be the really heavy, thick products that take a good hour to properly sink in.

Plus, they make me break out in these tiny white pimples because they clog your pores if you use even a smidgen too much. Then you can go too light and the horrid flakes of skin start ruining your make-up look around midday. Give a girl a break, right?

Guerlain’s Super Aqua-Serum Light is a pretty perfect compromise, deeply hydrating and yet very lightweight. It sinks in almost instantly and leaves your skin feeling super silky, soft and moisturised. I have pretty sensitive skin and was a little worried that this would react to it, since it has a little in-built scent – however I have had absolutely no problems at all since using it, in fact the subtle fragrance is actually really uplifting!

One pump is enough to cover your entire face, so while the upfront cost is expensive, you’ll get at least 6-9months of use out of this one bottle! I’ve been getting into the habit of wearing this in the place of my usual moisturiser, however for added hydration, you could get away with layering without it feeling overpowering.

And finally, for all those long and lazy (or should I say hazy) summer nights, where you need a bit of a helping hand, Guerlain’s hidden gem miracle cream is called Midnight Secret. I can only describe this magical serum as like ‘sleep in a tube‘ because it’s incredible at reducing the look of tiredness, plumping out your under-eye area and reducing those tell-tale dark circles.

You pop it on under your eyes (or all over, if it’s been one of those nights) before you go to bed – and like some kind of miracle, the sins of the evening before have vanished. Plus it has a lavender scent which sends you straight to sleep and an added tonka bean fragrance which is soothing and calming!

I have absolutely steamed through my tube because I loved the effects so much, I’d been using it even when I didn’t have a heavy night – however this needs to be a staple product in every girls make-up bag!

If you have an important meeting or interview after a hazy night out, this will honestly save you!


I don’t know about you, but fragrance for me is such a powerful memory inducer and so I love playing around with my scents depending on the season. For example, I think I’ve mentioned before that I love treating myself to a new fragrance when a holiday comes around, as forever more that specific scent will remind me of ten days in the beautiful sunshine, surrounded by my favourite people, sipping cocktails and dressing up. If I ever need a pick-me-up or an ’empower me, I have an interview’ moment, a little spritz of my holiday scent usually does the trick.

So of course, with a new season comes a new fragrance – and Guerlain have a rather beautiful one for you to try, fronted by none other than the stunning Angelica Jolie. And if there was anyone to suit such a uniquely powerful, yet feminine fragrance such as Mon Guerlain, it’s certainly Ms Jolie! Playing tribute to the modern definition of femininity – strong, free and sensual, the scent is oriental and musky, yet sweet and playful – with notes of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood, and powerful bursts of Vanilla Tahitensis! The classic ‘alchemist’s’ bottle and luxurious glass weight stopper work together with the fragrance to make this a must-have dressing table staple.

The lightness of the fragrance, yet long-lasting sweetness means that as a summer scent, it’s a perfect one to try! I love the fact that every-time you sniff, you detect something new – and the fact I’ve had a few comments on it already is an indicator that it’s going to be this summer’s ‘memento’.

For something a little bit more romantic and flirtatious, I also love Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, a concoction of sweet black cherry, almond, liquorice, rose and smoky black tea. It’s a fresh, passionate fragrance – perfect for those long summer nights spent drinking on a rooftop terrace and admiring the stars, sporting your most favourite LBD.

What dressing table additions do you make as we near the summer months?

The products featured in this post were kindly provided by Guerlain, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own. 

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