The Greedy Book

Compiling imaginary wish-lists, if budgets were no object is something I am guilty of – but I’m sure I’m not alone. I can spend hours of my morning scouring the internet, looking at the Ikea and H&M home website, picking out items I’d decorate my dream home with – even going as far to spend the entire afternoon on Right Move. That gorgeous £zillion flat in London will be mine, one day.

So when I heard about The Greedy Book, it sounded completely up my street. You simply create an empty book online, before filling it with all that your heart desires. Dream, reality – you name it, it all goes in – and suddenly, you’ve got something to show for your several hours browsing!

Greedy Book

Perfect for Christmas and with a slightly tongue-in-cheek name (which means you’re encouraged to pick both fantasy and reality items), your completed book (although you can add to it whenever you like) can be shared and sent to your family members – if need be.

It’s a little like pinterest, but with actual ‘for sale’ items – so it’s a little step closer to that picture perfect reality!

I’ve created my first book here (link) but if I disappear for the rest of the day, you know where to find me.