How To Guarantee A Great Hair Day!

I've certainly had my fair share of bad hair days in my 24 years on this planet.

I think my personal cherry on the cake was when I spent one afternoon with 'yoghurt ends' at school, having dipped my hair into my lunchbox while chatting with friends.

I was slightly aware of a lingering strawberry scent for the rest of the day but couldn't for the life of me work out why.

Upon returning home and looking in the mirror, I felt like a complete idiot but also secretly wondered whether it might have been doing my hair some good, seeing as Mizz Magazine had told me just a few days earlier that I should homemake my hair remedies using kitchen supplies.

These days, I am constantly experimenting with new products to keep bad hair days at bay.

Though I can safely say I've had no more yoghurt mishaps.

Having bleached, highlighted and frazzled my hair beyond belief, I'm always on the lookout for new saviours that claim to repair and restore damaged cuticles.

However in the same breath, my scalp is easily irritated and sensitive, so I have to be very careful about experimenting too much out of fear I might end up with a very angry head of hair.

In recent months, I've struck a bit of balance - after discovering an 100% naturally derived, vegan and cruelty-free haircare range which not only promotes shiny, healthy hair with heaps of volume but also is kind on my scalp.

And perfect for those looking to make the switch to eco-conscious hair care; the range uses only biodegradable ingredients, making this collection kinder to the environment too.

You can mix and match the products depending on your hair-care needs, how much time you have (whether it's a long pampering soak or a short 5 minute blitz) and what look you want to achieve.

Introducing the brand NEW hair care range from Tropic, known for their award-winning skincare...

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How to Guarantee A Great Hair Day, Every Day! 

This is a sponsored collaboration in partnership with Tropic Skincare


Nourishing Hair Cleanser

If you're a 'I have to wash my hair every day' kind of gal, then this might just be the product for you.

This non-foaming formulation boasts an ingredients list packed full of nutritious, effective plant actives.

Formulated with jojoba oil to regulate sebum production and prevent greasiness, peppermint oil to invigorate the scalp, and vitamin B5 to penetrate the hair follicle and promote shine, this hair care hero is your one-way ticket to clean, glossy and manageable locks.

The multi-tasking cleanser conditions while it cleans, so if you're in a HUGE rush or you want to travel light, then this little delight is all you're going to need to pack.

It's ideal for those with colour treated hair, as the pH-balanced formula soothes sensitive scalps and prevents irritation, while the fatty acids in macadamia oil, restores the hair cuticle and even protects it against styling damage.

As if that wasn't already enough, the inclusion of arginine amino acid, derived from seaweed, encourages blood circulation to the follicles and promotes prolonged colour luminosity.

The non-foaming, creamy texture is designed to be used with Tropic’s Scalp Massager - an innovative, silicone-tipped brush helps to distribute cleanser on the scalp for a deeper clean, while stimulating blood circulation and encouraging healthy hair growth.

The delicious natural ingredients leave your hair smelling deliciously fresh.

And no whiff of yoghurt at all. Hooray! 

Tropic (10 of 10)
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Hair Smooth Radiance Oil

If you're looking for that glossy finish (er, yes please) then this little bottle of goodness is going to be one you'll want to stock up on.

An all-round wonder product for anyone with unruly, curly or frizzy hair in need of TLC (hands up), the oil is an exotic blend of botanical ingredients that work in harmony to hydrate, smooth and tame hair.

A tiny drop goes a long way and it's super fast-absorbing, so there's no need to worry about that glossiness turning to greasiness anytime soon.

I love to pop on a little dollop while my hair is still wet, as it makes detangling my hair before blow-drying just that little bit more manageable.

It also protects your hair from heat or styling damage, which is a huge reassurance. I love a good multi-tasker (and hey, who has time to add a gazillion products to your hair when you're in a rush).

If you want to add a bit more of a Gigi Hadid glossy sheen, you can add a teeny bit to your hair after blow-drying to tame any flyaways and add shine.

Effective on both wet and dry hair, Hair Smooth adds instant hydration and nourishment. An infusion of cedarwood, bergamot and rose geranium essential oils, blended with creamy coconut extracts awakens the senses. Helps protect hair from heat damage when applied to towel dried hair and then styled.

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Clarifying Hair Wash

This single product has been an absolute game changer when it comes to soothing my sensitive and sometimes very itchy scalp. 

The sun, pollution, salt and chemicals in the water all play absolute havoc with my hair, making it a war-zone for dandruff, itchiness and irritation. 

Delightful, I know. 

So to have a product I can rely upon to provide fresh, bouncy hair free from all of the above makes it a natural choice for me to use as an every day shampoo. 

I think the game changer is the aloe vera ingredient, which soothes and refreshes my scalp, plus exotic babassu (fancy, I know) which hydrates your hair and makes it super soft and silky. 

And how does it actually wash your hair, you may ask?

Well, it actually uses coconut cleansers to remove product build up and pollution without stripping your hair's natural oils. 

Coconut cleansers also encourage your scalp's sebum glands to produce oil less frequently. So goodbye greasy hair! 

A few dollops in the palm of your hand soon lathers up to a luxurious foam which glides through your tresses and washes away grease, while also strengthening your hair. 

The addition of Vitamin B5 helps to rebuild treatment damanged hair, as well as stimulating growth.  Rapunzel hair, here I come! 

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Hair Feast Deep Conditioning Treatment

Why should our hair have to miss out on its own healthy little feast?

The Hair Feast doubles up as an intensive leave-in mask or a daily conditioner, with a banquet of plant extracts inside its clever formula. 

Designed to condition your locks from the inside out, this hydrates and boosts lacklustre hair from root to tip. 

My favourite thing to do is use it daily as a conditioner (leaving on for 3-4 minutes before rinsing) and then once a week for a nourishing mask treatment (pop on, wrap a towel over your hair and leave for 10-20 minutes).

In just three weeks, I've noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair - and lots of you have been commenting on my Instagram about how healthy and full of volume it looks too. Yay!

You can even supercharge the Hair Feast during a mask treatment but adding a few pumps of the Hair Smooth Radiance Oil too. 

Just be sure to massage it in properly and leave for 10-20 minutes! 

Once you rinse it all out, your hair smells good enough to eat - with a delicious concoction of key lime, coconut, vanilla and mint.

Sounds like my kind of feast!

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Never underestimate the power of good hair!