Hamsa Hands

The hamsa print has to be one of my all-time favourite things to wear. As well as looking pretty, the meaning of the symbol itself really stands out as it was first introduced to me during a trip visiting my grandparents in Cyprus, after being gifted a piece of jewellery I still treasure to this day.

Used across a number of different faiths, the symbol was designed to ward off the evil eye, one of the oldest manifestations of human fear however in more recent years, it became the symbol of peace in the war-torn Middle East. Today, it’s incorporated into jewellery, home decor items and clothing as a protective charm.

Scarlett London Hamsa Scarlett London Hamsa 384745 Scarlett London Hamsa 348735 Scarlett London Hamsa 39484

I’m obsessed with anything with the hamsa print on and so when I saw this gorgeous black halter-neck playsuit on Boohoo before my recent holiday to Greece, I ordered it without a second thought. Luckily, it fit like a glove (there’s always that risk with online shopping just before you fly) and I couldn’t wait to wear it, saving it for our final night – which we spent exploring the nearby town and tucking into pizza (life doesn’t get much better than that).

Since the evenings were a little chilly, I did throw a denim jacket over the top – but I love how simple the playsuit is in itself as an outfit. I wore a white crochet halter bikini top instead of a bra, which I wouldn’t do back home – but I think it added to the ‘chilled holiday look’ (or at least, I hope it did).

Scarlett London Hamsa 35847 Scarlett London Hamsa 2334 Scarlett London Hamsa 387

Playsuit (£8, Boohoo) | link

The cut of the back also showed off my metallic Azzy London festival tattoo (which I’m loving recently – I still have mine two weeks down the line) and my rather obvious tan-line (oops).

Photographs taken at the stunning St Nicolas Bay Resort.

Do you have any items of clothing or jewellery with the hamsa print on?