How I’ve dealt with losing my hair

If you've been keeping an eye on my social channels as of late, then you may have heard me talk about something rather upsetting that's been happening to me.

My hair has been falling out.

And I've lost about a third of my hair.

It's due to hormonal changes (I've come off the pill, read more about that here).

And it's possibly one of the hardest things I've had to deal with.

As shallow as that may sound to some people, your hair is your crown.

But you take it for granted.

When it starts coming out in clumps in your hands, it's the most heart-sinking feeling.

Because for months I haven't known what on earth to do.

I've tried approximately 12 shampoos and elixirs aimed at thickening my locks. I've poured growth serums on my scalp. I've even made my own masques at home. I've even poured beer over my hair. And vinegar. And yet nothing. Apart from smelling like a brewery or a fish & chip shop.

So it's been a really tough, strange time.

After many doctor's visits, nutritionists and advice from experts, I came to the conclusion it would grow back, in its own time once the hormones had sorted themselves out.

All I could do was make the most of the hair I had left.

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So I got rid of my hair extensions (I had clip ins) for fear they were causing more damage and tugging on my already weak hair.

I stopped getting it bleached and highlighted.

I stopped all forms of heat treatment - even blow drying.

And I decided to take things back to basics. As natural as possible.

I needed to add volume and brighten up the blonde I already had in my hair.

And not have any nasty chemicals running through it.

And months after I first started my search, I've finally found something that works for me, which I am SO very excited to share with you.

It's important for me to let you know that this is a sponsored post and I'm very proud it is. Because not only have I found an incredible solution to my problem, but I got to take lots of time creating the content here so I can showcase this discovery in a creative and in depth manner. I tried this product thoroughly before agreeing to work together with them in collaboration.

I know that so many of you replied to my initial hair loss post, asking me to keep them updated on my hair journey. And here it is!

So sit back, relax. Grab yourself a cup of tea.

And let me take you through what's worked for me.

This is a paid partnership with Noughty Haircare

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So let me tell you a little about Noughty as a brand and why it initially appealed to me.

These days, I am VERY conscious of what I put near or in my hair and so gone are the days of picking shampoos and conditioners based solely on their pretty packaging.

Anyone else used to do that? Or just me?

As well as having super beautiful pastel packaging (yep they tick that box too), Noughty Haircare is 97% Natural, vegan and contains no parabens, silicones or sulphates.

The products each have their own unique blend of plant oils, aimed at targeting a particular concern you may have.

So Noughty offers ranges targeted at frizzy, damaged hair; curly and wavy hair; dry hair; sensitive scalp; colour treated hair; blonde hair and fine and limp hair.

Each of the products are around the £6.99 price mark, so super affordable - and they come in large squeezy or pump bottles - perfect for the shower. No faffing around with screw tops!

I've been trialling two ranges from Noughty - which I alternate between each wash depending on my specific hair concerns.

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Pumped Up

For fine, limp hair

My hair has always been fine, so even when I had more of it - it still wasn't the voluminous bouncy 'do that I so craved.

However now that my hair is thinner than ever, my main concern is working with what I have left and making it as 'pumped up' as I possibly can.

I've found in the past that thickening shampoos can make my hair itchy or irritated, so it's safe to say I haven't had huge amounts of success at fixing this hair concern previously.

The Pumped Up range gently cleanses while adding in volume, using Red grape extract and B5 vitamins.

According to Noughty, Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid or panthenol, is a humectant, so it penetrates the hair cuticle where it attracts moisture to plump the shaft, creating volume as well as hydration.

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. And my oh my, do these products work a treat.

From the very first wash I noticed a huge difference in both the texture and lift of my hair.

My hair didn't look flat and 'stuck to my head' (the oh so glamorous look) but healthy and full of life. Something I hadn't experienced in months.

I could have cried.

And I know I do have a tendency to be overdramatic. But as I say - your hair is your crown. And it's easy to underestimate how a good hair day can give you huge amounts of confidence.

It also has a lovely uplifting passion fruit and hibiscus scent, leaving you ready to take on the world.

Or in my case, a gorgeous water bungalow in Saint Lucia where I shot these pictures!

The fact the produces are both silicone and oil free means that I find my hair doesn't get as greasy, as quickly. It may just been a coincidence, but going 'au natural' has definitely had more benefits than I ever expected!

And apparently David loves it too. I caught him using it the other day and after initially turning a shade of crimson, he admitted he'd been loving the 'plumped up bit at the front' it gave him! His words.

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Blondie Locks

The jewel to your crown

Alongside plumping up my hair, I've also wanted to make the most of the blonde highlights I already have, since I'm unwittingly growing them out.

The Blondie Locks range is an all-encompassing blonde enhancing range, featuring extracts of lemon peel and chamomile, to provide all the blonde-enhancing power.

After a couple of uses, my hair definitely looked brighter - like I'd spent a day in the sun! And after actually going in the sun, I've noticed my hair gently lighten too. The blonde looks cleaner and less brassy - and for lack of a better term - more 'fresh'.

But best of all, was the shine I experienced using this range.

Any blonde will know that although we may have lots more fun, we do struggle with that glimmery shine that others seem to take for granted.

With blonde hair, it's very easy to look flat and one dimensional.

But this range seems to pick up the different tones and leave it glistening and super shiny. Which is a-okay with me!

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To The Rescue

Maximum nourishment, minimum virtue. 

One other part of the Noughty range I've been trialling is the 'to the rescue' collection, which are each aimed at providing nourishment to dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

"Noughty’s knight in shining armour comes charging to the rescue with sweet almond sunflower seed and shea butter to transform dry, frizzy and damaged hair."

I just love how fun this brand is!

I've been using their Intense Moisture Treatment - which is a deeply hydrating hair mask to add much needed moisture back into thirsty hair.

My hair definitely fits into that category (unfortunately - I really have been dealt a bad hair hand at the moment haven't I?), so I was intrigued to see how it might assist.

And again, I was wowed by the results - super soft, silky hair - which are terms you never normally use to describe my blonde, frizzy hair.

I was so impressed, I even asked all of the people in my immediate proximity at the time to stroke my hair - so they too could witness how soft it felt. This was how poor Hayley came to be stroking my hair in a Saint Lucian hotel hallway.

I now use this mask with every wash, which I know perhaps is a little too often - but for me, it's been far too long since I was actually happy with my hair. So it has made the world of difference!

My only complaint is that it looks so inviting that David has been stealing some, again.

Apparently he thought 'intense moisture' meant body moisturiser and so he's been using it ALL OVER. It's safe to say, it now has a sticker on it that says 'for Scarlett only'.

On the plus side, his chest is now super soft and silky.

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Who runs the world? Curls! 


So overall?

Overall, in the last month and  a half, I have noticed a drastic difference in the improvement of my hair.

Having had months of clumps falling out, limp, dry, damaged and dull hair - finding a range that has injected the elixir of life back into it, means more to me than I could feasibly describe in a blog post.

About a week ago, I was blow-drying my hair for a special occasion, I pushed my hair over to one side to dry the underneath and suddenly noticed hundreds of tiny new tufts of hair spiking out. It was the best feeling in the world!

And I truly think lots of it is down to how much I've been looking after my hair and the products I've been using.

I did a lot of research when I was going through the rough patch and I was astounded by how little thought I'd previously given to the hundreds of chemicals we whack through our hair everyday. Mindlessly.

I feel much better going au natural. And my hair seems to love it too.

I'd attribute the hair growth to a mixture of biotin supplements, my new haircare regime (as above) and making sure I'm staying hydrated and nourished by eating good fats and nutrients. And minimising heat damage.

I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm also not spending sleepless nights worrying about my hair.

And so that for me, is a huge relief.

I feel much more 'me' and on route to my happiest self.

The products are now available in Boots and range in price from £6.99 - £8.99 (although if you’re quick you can snap them up at 1/3rd off – introductory offer, love!). If you're going through your own hair woes and want to try something new, I'd recommend these in a heartbeat!

Disclaimer: I am wearing hair extensions in these photos (a new kind that don't pull out my hair, I'll share more very soon) but the root volume, shine and colour are totally my own, thanks to Noughty! It’s really important to use sulphate-free shampoos with extensions, Noughty to the rescue again!