How To Optimise Your Gut Health As A Woman

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I have often spoken about my issues with IBS and my subsequent appreciation for probiotics, as a means of keeping my symptoms at bay.

In the quest for optimum health, I discovered the probiotic brand Probio7 – who offer a great product range of quality probiotics.

Recently, the brand has launched Intiflor, which I was lucky enough to have been sent by the Probio7 team.

Intiflor not only supports gut health, but is specifically tailored to promote intimate female health, ie. urinary tract infections, which are so common for many women (and not spoken about enough, in my opinion).

If you, like me, you suffer from low immunity, you could be more prone to infections; including urinary infections.

This new supplement supports the delicate system of the vagina and urinary tract, which can be disturbed by many things including illness, stress and antibiotics.

I know for myself that stress and anxiety can be a trigger for illness and of course it doesn’t help my IBS. 

What I didn’t know was lowered immunity can also affect my propensity for urinary infections, that can be extremely painful and disruptive to daily life.


So how does a probiotic actually work? Well, each product within the Probio7 range contains a variety of high quality, live ‘good’ bacteria in easy to take supplements, with their uniqueness lying in their unique blend of bacterial strains, alongside prebiotic fibres, with at least 4 billion bacteria in each capsule.

Intiflor’s formulation is more tailored, combining two scientifically tested probiotic strains with cranberry extract and vitamin C, offering new hope to millions of female sufferers. It is estimated that over 50% of women in the UK will contract a UTI at some point in their lives, of which over 25% will suffer from recurrent episodes. I've previously spoken about how common they are, and yet how taboo they still are here.


A UTI is characterised as a bacterial infection affecting any part of the urinary tract, including the bladder and urethra. Women are at greater risk of UTI than men due to the differences in our downstairs bits and pieces. Intiflor provides not only effective protection but also optimal health and general wellbeing for those that commonly suffer such infections.

Intiflor has 1 billion “good” bacteria scientifically selected to tackle the 4 most common types of harmful bacteria that cause UTI. It includes two patented Lactobacillus strains that studies have shown support the natural healthy flora of the urinary tract whilst directly suppressing the growth of pathogenic UTI causing bacteria.

Additionally, Intiflor is combined with a concentrated high dose cranberry extract which is proven to prevent harmful bacteria from colonising the urinary tract and vitamin C, to lower the pH of urine and support the immune response

Importantly, Intiflor can be taken alongside antibiotics used to treat UTI's since the probiotic strains selected for use are those that have natural antibiotic-resistance

This means you can support your gut health, immunity and well-being, as well as ridding yourself of the horrid symptoms UTI's can cause.

I’m always researching ways in which I can stay healthy, particularly in the winter-time and in the run up to Christmas when everything is frantic. This will be another keeper for my probiotics recommendations box.

Intiflor is available online at, RRP £21.99.

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