As many of you probably know by now, as well as running my blog – I also put together blogger networking events in and around London. It was something I started back in 2013, frustrated by the lack of blogger related activities and focus at beauty and fashion launches. I appreciate its a whole different ball game now, as there’s an event every day targeted at bloggers and influencers, but back when I began, I just really wanted to meet other like-minded writers and social media lovers, in a friendly welcoming environment.

And although there’s always a LOT of stress involved in putting together an event with guests, especially the larger ones, I found the organisation side of things – and seeing it all come together in one spectacular finale, was something I really loved doing. So I suppose after the initial event, things didn’t really stop. Now, I organise regular meet-ups and parties (all of which are collated on this post here). I’m certainly still not a professional and I won’t ever profess to be but it’s something I really love doing and I’ve met many of my closest blogger friends through it.

Anyway, so alongside these larger events – I also work on smaller lunches, dinners and pop-up parties, mainly for brands – but bringing in my own personal touches. These are admittedly a lot less stressful and enable me to get a little more creative, as there’s usually a smaller space to personalise.


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I’ve recently been working on Jewellerybox.co.uk’s blogger and digital PR outreach, which I’m absolutely loving – as they are a fabulous brand that I’ve loved for over a year and so working with them more closely is incredible. I thought to kick start the new blogger collaborations, I’d put together a little lunch – at the stunning Skylon venue, which overlooks the Southbank. Along with the lovely Gemma from JewelleryBox, we set about decorating the table as ‘Instagram friendly’ as we could – preparing for a long lunch ahead.

The choice of venue was one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time, as I visited it last year with another brand. At the time it was rainy and a little dreary, but I knew it would just be magical if the sun came out – so hosting an event there in the sunshine was such a lovely addition!

So, tell us about the event?

Well before long, the table was laden with floral centrepieces, ivory bird-cages with jewellery hanging inside and their staple mini pastel pegs and name tags, for which the hashtag #JewelleryBoxSky was emblazoned across. All credit for these to Gemma, who was amazing at putting together some amazing displays. We also then had pink rose petals scattered in among the gaps – creating a really pretty, dainty feel – which I feel captures what JewelleryBox.co.uk is really all about!

Champagne was poured – and the bloggers started to arrive, which of course – is my favourite part! I don’t usually get to mention everyone who attends because the usual events tend to have in excess of 200 people, but since there was only 15 of us, I thought I’d pop everyone’s links at the bottom of the page. They were each hand-picked by me, because they happen to be some of my favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and JewelleryBox advocates, so hopefully you discover a few new ones that you love!

The beauty of the more intimate events is that you really get to relax and sit down and chat with everyone involved, which is always so lovely because even if you don’t know one another prior, you know you’ve already got one pretty big thing in common to chat about!

Skylon were wonderful hosts and were super attentive throughout, which is slightly lethal because they did that fantastic thing where they top up your glasses without you even realising – meaning before you know it, you’ve had two glasses of wine rather than one. Oops. Regardless, it really is such a stunning venue for hosting an event, with huge purple floral displays tumbling down from the bar area. The food is delicious (and they’re really accommodating for us dairy-free eaters) and the afternoon tea also looks pretty spectacular.


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Goody Bags

Alongside, selecting jewellery gifts for each of the bloggers to take home with them (I spent several hours going through each person’s blogs and choosing pieces I thought they’d love – so fingers crossed I got this partly right), I also put together a rather large goody bag selection for them, with the help of some wonderfully generous brands. It always astounds me when you announce that you’re hosting an event, just how many wonderful PR’s get in touch and want to be involved – especially ones with such fabulous products.

Just to make sure bloggers didn’t go home thirsty (you know, after all that wine), we had several kind drinks donations – all of which I’ve consumed since the event and absolutely love. First up, is Galvanina‘s Organic Sparkling Fruit Drinks, which I got in the ‘Red Grapefruit’ flavour. If I’m honest, I’m not usually a fan of grapefruit flavourings, as they’re a little too bitter for me – but this was just the right amount of citrus and sweet and after a few ice cube additions, it made for the perfect refreshing drink to sit outside with!

We also had Grace Food’s Aloe Zero Drink, which is a bit more health conscious (it comes in at just 5 calories per bottle) but equally as refreshing and tasty. I personally love Aloe Vera and the flavour of it – plus it’s so good if you have tummy issues like I do, so this was a really lovely addition to the goody bag! It soothes your insides (like it does if you get sunburn and need instant relief for your skin) and seems to really help, so if you get quite bloated on a regular basis, this is one I’d definitely recommend!

And last but not least, we had Zeo – who offer zesty, low sugar drinks which make for the perfect mixers for your summer cocktails. I personally love putting their Zesty Lime flavour into my makeshift strawberry daiquiris and pimms – for an extra bit of flavour and fizz! It’s worth a try!

Moving onto food and health products, Planet Organic kindly donated an array of their favourite goodies – which included their ‘Gnaw on Nature’ chocolate goji berries, their Grain Free Paleo Granola (with banana, spirulina and wheatgrass) and their Raw Lemon Macaroons. These additions were really important to me because I’m dairy free and always get things I can’t eat in goody bags, but I knew a couple of the other girls were too.

It’s really nice to have a few healthy snacks around the house for when you get peckish and these little items were the perfect solution to that. I’m actually yet to try the Granola but I’m really intrigued by the spirulina ingredient as it’s apparently super high in iron and B12, which helps towards feeling more energised, something I’m in need of at the moment!


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Any beauty products?

Oh yes, you didn’t think I’d miss out on a few new beauty additions did you? We had a number of lovely brands (some of my favourites) who donated samples, so I’m really excited to hear what the other bloggers think of these.

Fellow blogger Ruth Crilly’s CoLAB range were sampled, with mini cans of their TOKYO extreme volume dry shampoo. I actually have the larger versions of these and they are by far one of the best I’ve tried. I struggle quite a bit with dry shampoos as my scalp is quite sensitive and quite dry anyway – so if I spritz a load on, usually it irritates things and I end up looking like I have a full on head of dandruff. Fab! But this seems to be quite gentle and it also adds a great amount of volume to the roots of even the flattest of hair types. Mine included.

Selfie Tan also popped in some samples of their Tan’n Go Face Bronzer, which is of the instant wash off variety – and one of the only ones I’d actually trust to work. You use it under make-up and can build it depending on your colouring. It’s DHA and fragrance free, so it’s not going to upset skin (although all skin types are different and what works for me, might not for you – so please give it a patch test first if you’re prone to this) and it doesn’t flake off either. I’m always wary of anything I put on my face but this gives a really lovely, natural olive colour. Perfect for summery weddings!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics also kindly sent over samples of the famous (Glamour award-winning) YouTuber’s lips and nails collection, which I have tried many times before (and own each and every colour of). The packaging however, has recently been revamped and it looks so much more grown up – giving a new image to the brand. I really like the shades and pigmentation of these products and the fact that despite the fact its a gloss, it does actually last.

We all had some very lovely samples sent from Teapigs, Ardell Lashes, Ghost, Echt Kolnisch Wasser and PRO:VOKE!


As mentioned, I’ll pop everyone’s links below because I think they’re all fabulous and it’s lovely to share the blogger love!












Let me know if you’d like to come along to the next bloggers lunch I organise, as it would be lovely to meet you!