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Love them or hate them, there is no denying that the Kardashians are on everyone’s lips (metaphorically and now – literally). With a clothing line, chain of stores and a television show already capturing the attention of their millions of fans (me included), it was only a matter of time before they brought out a make-up line. And with their glamorous day-to-day appearances, I couldn’t wait to see if their new venture was simply another money making scheme forwarded by matriarch momager Kris Jenner or genuinely a way of enabling fans to introduce a little ‘Kardashian’ into their make-up routines.

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Luckily, I think it’s the latter.

The ‘kollection’ of beauty products and make-up items is well thought out, affordable and really does offer a glimpse into the Kardashian lifestyle. All of the products feel exclusive, girly and fun – but they geniunely are effective and do live up to the claims they make on the packaging.

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Take for example the Lip Plumping Shimmer Gloss, which although looks and feels a little ‘young’, is actually a really gorgeous sparkly gold colour that is ideal for summer wear over lipstick, or instead of. As soon as you apply the gloss, your lips start to tingle and it really does give the appearance of fuller, more plumped lips. I know a few people had mentioned the products have a very ‘burnt sugar’ ‘candyfloss’ scent about them, but personally I don’t think it’s unpleasant nor is it off-putting. In fact, the Lip Plumping Shimmer Gloss (honey flavoured) carries a really nice, girly scent that I feel only adds to the overall feel of the collection.

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The Kardashians are well known (okay, perhaps even world renowned) for their lashes, which seem to defy gravity with their volume, length and thickness – so it was only fitting that they added lashes to their beauty collection. With several different styles to choose from (Bardot, Blink, Scintillate, Flirt, Wink, Gaze, Sparkle, Glimmer) each of the lash sets are very natural looking, wearable and contribute to that sultry, smokey eye look that each of the sisters pull off so very well. I usually tend to go for the same lashes time and time again, but I was surprised at how easy it was to work the Bardot lashes into your eye make-up and make them look natural!

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You might be mistaken into thinking that the K24 Prime is a Kardashian ‘glow’ foundation product – as the sisters are known for their bronzed complexions and golden glows, however it is actually a priming golden face mask which you leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing off. Claiming to leave behind a subtle, illuminating sheen of 24K gold for ‘instant radiance’, I did think whilst I was applying large dollops of gold glitter to my face that perhaps the Kardashians went a little too far with this product. Perhaps it may have been a little too ‘LA’ for anyone not working the red-carpet four times a week. However, after washing it off with water – there is definitely a golden glimmer that it leaves behind. Not enough to make people think you’ve just returned from a child’s party and got a little too carried away with the glitter, but enough so that under foundation, it definitely illuminates skin and gives it that slight boost. In fact, I’d even go as far to say that my skin looked healthier. My foundation applied much more smoothly and my under eyes, instead of looking dull and dark, were illuminated with golden pigments. Well, you know how much the Kardashian’s love their undereye illuminator!

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And last, but not least is the Joystick Lip Lacquer which I have in Babydoll Poupee, but is available in eight shades. Reminiscent of a child’s crayon, I didn’t exactly have high hopes for it when I initially saw it – but upon swatching it, my mind changed instantly. It is not only super pigmented and long lasting, but it’s also a very flattering, statement shade which is perfect for summer wear. It is very creamy in texture, which makes it easy to apply but it’s staying power is second to none. It might be a strange comment to make (because it’s not often we judge a lipstick by it’s scent) but it smells amazing – a cross between vanilla, candy and honey and it’s a very girly, yet versatile product.

Overall, I was extremely impressed at how much of a genuinely well-thought out, affordable and great collection the Kardashian Beauty range really is. The products are really worth investing in, as instead of being cheaply made – high priced, celebrity named goods, they are really great products that stand on their own and speak for themselves. The products range in price from £6.95 for the lashes, to £22.95 for a set of four mascaras for ‘every lash look’.

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Apparently Kim’s favourite is the Intimate Spotlight Illuminate, which ‘adds a beautiful glow to light up the face’, whilst Kourney says ‘Our Bronzer rocks my world – I use it everyday’. Khloe however loves the Stroke of Midnight Mascara which she says ‘creates the faux-lash look without clumping or flaking, I’m hooked’.

I am a fan of the Kardashians anyway, but even if you’re just beauty obsessed – this is definitely a collection to lust over! I already have a Kardashian Beauty wishlist!

All of the products are available in the UK from online retailer Feel Unique. Visit the entire Kollection here. 

  • It might not be that cool but I love the Kardashians too- they are nearly as nosy and quirky as mine!

  • Thanks for your review! 🙂 I am particularly interested in the fake eye lashes… and I am interested to try them on, now that you mentioned them 🙂
    I also loved the colour of the lip gloss!


  • Omg so excited that it’s available over here. the joystick lip looks fantastic! So glad to hear the products are good. HUGE FAN! hehe

  • I’m so glad these aren’t a Kris Jenner marketing scam! I’m intrigued by the gold face cream/primer/wash hybrid – definitely trying these!