Laser Hair Removal: Prep Now For The Spring And Summer

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Written by a guest author. 

A change in weather normally means a change in lifestyle too. Often, there is a change in what you eat, do and of course, what you wear. During the Winter months, people tend to wear heavier clothes and jackets, sweatshirts and trousers, covering their legs.

However once winter is over, people normally start to dress down, which invariably is when you soon realise that hair removal is a much something you have to think much more about than when in winter.

This change of schedule is seasonal and you would not even think twice before reaching out for a razor or waxing strips.

However, there might be a better and more permanent solution that’s available to you. Laser hair removal is fast becoming the preferred way of hair removal due to its ease.

How it works

Laser hair removal as a procedure works by focussing light on hair follicles. The melanin in the hair absorbs the heat from the laser and as a result, the hair gets damaged and falls out.

The hair follicles sometimes do not grow back at all; whereas others may just grow back much finer and thinner, meaning that they are far less noticeable. While this works well for people who have a fair complexion and dark hair, it traditionally failed to work on lighter hair or on people with darker or tanned skin.

However, technology has advanced significantly and now the equipment is capable of handling all types of hair colours on different skin tones.

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Laser hair removal is a relatively painless procedure. It is also considered safe however it should only be practised by a qualified practitioner. It is an advanced technology that could cause harm in the hands of a person not qualified to practice it.

An establishment like Therapie Clinic, with a track record of having satisfied customers over a long time, would be a good choice. You should also meet with a doctor before the procedure to discuss the possible risks and to ensure you are comfortable with going ahead.

There are minor inconveniences like redness or irritation that are typically reported, however these tend to settle down after a few days.

There are measures one is supposed to take before and after the procedure. These will be explained to them by the expert. Such measures would help the user get through the process smoothly.

There would be a few sessions spread over a few weeks for the treatment of a particular area. This is because hair follicles will be at different stages in their growth cycle. It is also encouraged to shave a few days ahead of the procedure as thick and long hair would not react well to laser.


The laser is the only effective long term solution when it comes to removing unwanted hair. Laser is expensive in comparison to more conventional methods like shaving or waxing.

However, of course these conventional methods do not give long term relief. Additionally, the cost of using them over a long time would add up to an amount more than the one-time treatment of a few laser hair removal sessions. The acceptance of laser as a preferred way of removing hair keeps gaining momentum.

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