I wanted to write this post as soon as possible, whilst the event was fresh in my mind – and also to thank everyone for coming along! After a slightly frantic morning, the much awaited #LDNBloggersParty took place at Dirty Martini in Hanover Square at around 1.30PM, and invited over 100 bloggers through the doors  to enjoy a few cocktails, browse through some great products and generally – to meet a few new blogging faces.

The reason I organized the event itself in the first place, was because I chat to so many fantastic bloggers on Twitter and read so many great blogs each day, that it seemed only logical to get everyone together and put a face, to the blog. Plus, informal meet-ups are few and far between – as they tend to be brand or PR organised (not that that’s a bad thing though) so I wanted to create an environment that wasn’t too intimidating (I know all too well how intimidating they can be!).

LDNBloggersParty 104 LDNBloggersParty 105 LDNBloggersParty 106 LDNBloggersParty 108 LDNBloggersParty 110 LDNBloggersParty 112 LDNBloggersParty 114 LDNBloggersParty 118 LDNBloggersParty 119 LDNBloggersParty 130 LDNBloggersParty 133 LDNBloggersParty 135

So many of you turned up to join in, which was fantastic and I am so thankful everyone came along and enjoyed it! It was a little difficult getting round to everyone, as there was so many of you there, but hopefully I said hello to most of you lovely ladies – and if not, I’m sorry!

By the time it reached 2PM, cocktails were practically flying off the bar – I managed to trial one of the specially designed ‘Scarlett London’ Martinis, which were a delicious mix of raspberry and vanilla, whereas others sampled a variety of chilli, chocolate and lychee martinis.

LDNBloggersParty 136 LDNBloggersParty 140 LDNBloggersParty 142 LDNBloggersParty 145 LDNBloggersParty 147 LDNBloggersParty 148 LDNBloggersParty 152 LDNBloggersParty 154 LDNBloggersParty 155 LDNBloggersParty 156 LDNBloggersParty 160 LDNBloggersParty 163 LDNBloggersParty 165 LDNBloggersParty 166

Although the main feel of the event was very informal and a mix of networking and meeting new bloggers, we had four fabulous brands that came along and kept us all entertained too! The amazing Cloud Nine came along, and set up a DIY Styling Station for bloggers to try out the tools, as well as offering one lucky blogger the chance to win a pair of Cloud Nine stylers.

Search Laboratory put together a really lovely ‘SEO Tips for Bloggers’ booklet, which I found very useful – as SEO is talked about so much in the online industry, but half the time – I have no clue what’s being said! Getting to grips with SEO is really useful when trying to improve your traffic or draw people to your blog, so let me know how you get on!

Quiz Clothing also came along, bringing an exclusive lookbook that they made specially for us – in addition to a few sweet treats! And finally, beauty brand Oriflame came along too – offering bloggers the chance to order a few samples to trial on their blog and try out a few of their amazing products. Each of the brands who attended are ones I love and use personally, so I can definitely vouch for their products and was delighted they came along to support the event!

LDNBloggersParty 167 LDNBloggersParty 168 LDNBloggersParty 171 LDNBloggersParty 172 LDNBloggersParty 175 LDNBloggersParty 178 LDNBloggersParty 180 LDNBloggersParty 183 LDNBloggersParty 186 LDNBloggersParty 189 LDNBloggersParty 190

Lipsy kindly gave me a gorgeous dress to wear to the event itself, which I couldn’t wait to put on! As you probably know – Lipsy are my ‘go-to’ brand for any event, and although this strappy floral number was a little different (and optimistic considering UK weather) to what I’d normally go for, I got lots of lovely compliments – so thank you!

Each blogger went home with a goody bag each, packed with some lovely product samples – all of again, I can personally vouch for and have tried (and loved) personally. I will be posting a more in depth feature on what was inside tomorrow morning, so make sure you stay tuned to see that!

I hope you all enjoyed the event – there’s lots of smiling faces in the photos, so hopefully that’s a good sign. I can’t wait to hear what you all thought, and I really appreciate all your lovely tweets! Everyone looked utterly fabulous and I hope I can organize another similar event very soon!

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* * *

I want to say a huge thank you to Dirty Martini for hosting all of us, and for the amazing cocktails! Thank you to my lovely dad, who kindly drove into London with 100 goody bags in tow, my boyfriend Max (who stood as official photographer for the day) and his friend Jordan, and to the lovely SL writer Rachel Dixon (who isn’t my sister – but is lovely all the same). Also, a massive thanks to Cloud Nine, Oriflame, Search Laboratory and Quiz Clothing! And finally, thanks to all those who came along and made it fantastic! I can’t wait to see all of your photos!