Long Haul Holiday Prep

I’m sure every girl can relate to the fact that the beauty holiday prep takes almost as much (if not more) time as booking the holiday, finding the passports, packing your suitcases and popping on the out of office. It’s by far the least favourite part of any trip away – largely because it’s so bloody expensive, but also it involves rushing around trying to book in hair, nails, waxing and pruning appointments. Being a girl is hard. #firstworldproblems

Anyway, this year – my trip to Thailand fell at a very busy time. I was hosting my event #BloggersBall just two days before I was scheduled to leave for my 14 hour flight, so annoyingly, I had just enough time to bundle my bits into a suitcase and make for the airport. Holiday prep, went a bit out of the window.

This meant I needed to take everything with me in order to get myself feeling beach ready while away. And without packing my entire bathroom cabinet, this was a rather mammoth task.

Eventually, after almost bursting into tears trying to choose a nail polish (it may have also been that time of the month), I figured I could get my nails done while in Thailand for a fraction of the price or stress, which left only the laborious task of hair removal.

Usually, I fiddle around with waxing strips, razor blades and hair removal cream – trying to make things as stress free and quick as possible, but often mucking it up and cursing myself for ever starting in the first place. For some reason, I’m rubbish at shaving my legs and I ALWAYS leave a strip of pesky hair, so have to hop back in the shower. Sometimes several times over.


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But for Thailand, I had a new girly gadget packed – the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini, a double headed device which both shaves and trims with the flip of a handle. There’s five in-built curve sensing blades, which means that you are left with zero prickle – and the water-activiated serum helps replenish your skin’s moisture levels and reduce skin irritation.

Pretty much, all of the above means that rather than wasting half your sunbathing time in the shower, when you could be sipping Pina Coladas and ploughing through Gone Girl, you are good to go within 5 to 10 minutes.

And maintenance wise, there’s even a waterproof bikini trimmer with four adjustable settings.


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Since we were island hopping, packing up our bags every three days and carrying everything on boats, ferries and planes, I really appreciated having such a compact device for everything.

Plus, it’s £14.99 (currently on sale for £7.49), which is so much cheaper than an appointment at a salon, or a box (or two) of waxing strips. It’s available in all the usual high street contenders, but you can also shop it online here.

I’ve never been overly confident in a bikini, although this is changing even more so as I’m learning not to pick out the flaws in everything – however knowing you’re fuzz free definitely helps.

So much so, that I even felt confident enough to take a couple of #lelfies. Yep, I really did use that word.

And whip out these fierce pom pom sandals from Ego.


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Playsuit – Revolve

Sandals – Ego

Now that I’m blogging full time, I felt more pressure than ever to make the most of my amazing locations for blog content, however seeing 100 + pictures of yourself in your swimwear (when the majority of the year, I’m hiding away in baggy pjs) isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. Halfway through the holiday however, I pulled myself together after my boyfriend mentioned how irritating it was to keep telling me that I looked beautiful, for me to bash it down with insults about myself.

Life is too short to worry about the little things. Yes I might not resemble Tasha Oakley, nor do I have the flattest stomach in the world. But I’m happy, healthy and having fun. And really, making sure we have a smile on our face is all we have to worry about!

Do you find holiday prep stressful? Have you got an exciting trip booked for the summer?


This post was written in collaboration with Wilkinson Sword but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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