How I Prep for London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week seems to creep up on me every single season. It seems so far away and then suddenly, I’m a few days to go and I haven’t even shaved my legs. Yes, really. True story. Oops.

Anyway, since we’re not quite yet there (I’ve still got a whole 24 hours until things really kick off – so I’m totally not fashionably late this time around), I thought I’d put together a little guide to Fashion Week prep, including a few insider notes about what it’s really like to watch the fashion scene unfold from the sidelines.

The Prep

Just like getting ready for a night out, often the preparation is the best part. I love having an excuse to get all prepped and primed – and while you might get your nails done on a monthly basis normally, Fashion Week is the opportunity to be that little bit more daring.

As mentioned, shaving my legs is a key part of the process, especially so because one year I forgot and had to invest in a pair of rather unflattering knee-highs which definitely didn’t go with my outfit. #FirstWorldProblems.

If you’re in a hurry, which I invariably am, the Wilkinson Sword Intuition is a great little razor to opt for, because it travels really well, with its new sleek black packaging. It also features strip which now includes Shea Butter for added hydration, so you don’t need to pack shaving gel, or moisturiser.

The result is beautifully smooth and soft legs that are ready to go – and jump into the fashion week action! I say jump, be careful in those heels Scarlett…

Next up is nails and hair, of which I’ve opted to visit Blush and Blow for this season! Not only do I love how beautifully Insta-grammable and friendly the New Kings Road salon is, but I also really appreciate how you can pop in for a range of treatments that they offer (usually they can do them all at the same time) and then leave feeling groomed and ready to conquer the world!

Then of course, it’s time to experiment with make-up and this year, I’m really getting creative! I’m in two minds as to whether to go with something along the lines of this Valentines Day Make-Up Tutorial I did, or perhaps my Everyday Look with a dark red lip? Any advice would be most welcome!

The Outfits

As of late, Fashion Week has become less about what’s strutting down the catwalk (unless Gigi or Bella happen to be wearing it) and more so about what the guests are wearing.

Street style has completely overtaken traditional editorial, so while shows are still important – what readers increasingly want to know about is what the bloggers and influencers are sporting.

Because let’s face it, it’s much more relatable than trying to squeeze yourself into an inflatable creation that you saw on the catwalk to nip down to the supermarket.

February is often known as the ‘cold one’, so everyone wraps up warm and indulges in all the cosy knits, over the knee boots and fancy scarves. But actually, I’m so fed up with having to squash myself into tights and boots, that I actually wanted to go for something a little more leggy. And, to be frank, I needed an outfit to celebrate shaving my legs. Who doesn’t?

So I opted for this black sleeveless blazer dress, a pair of studded black boots, a tailored coat and my beloved black Givenchy Antigona bag.

A simple all-black ensemble (minus the camel coat of course) that I feel comfortable, classy and chic in!

I think the slight pop of colour gives it a little something extra and I really like how everything stands out against my blonde hair (I’ve recently gone even more blonde lately, what do you think?)!

The Insider

Fashion Week isn’t always as glamorous as it appears to be. There’s a lot of standing around in the cold, shuffling from venue to venue and trying to look serene while battling with bitter winds.

More so in recent years, the focus has been on the parties, the networking opportunities and the people in town who you’d otherwise probably not cross paths with.

There’s a lot of smiling, glancing at women dressed as trees and nodding your head as you try and process when this look might be appropriate.

However, then there’s the mutual acknowledgement that it’s all about creativity and inspiration – and you come away feeling as though you might actually need to invest in a pair of bark-covered trousers yourself. You never know when they might come in handy.


This post was written in collaboration with Wilkinson Sword but all views are entirely my own.

To find out more about any of their products, including their new Intuition Ultra Moisture and Sensitive Care range, visit Wilkinson Sword or pop down to your local Boots! 


Images by Little Fish Collective