Prom Season – My Pick of Dresses

I know all too well that it is coming up to Prom season, as I was in that position this time last year. Although those about to have their prom will have probably picked out their dresses by now, I decided to do this feature for those who have a special occasion coming up or simply love dresses!

To my own prom last year, I wore a dress by ‘Lipsy’ because they were so easy to wear and there was such a variety to choose from.

I loved my dress for prom, however I think next time (next year) I am going to pick a longer dress, as it is a special occasion and you don’t often wear long dresses – and there’s so much on the high street at the moment that is perfect for proms or weddings.Here’s my pick of dresses, what do you think?

Pia Michi


Dollymix Glamour

Sherri Hill


What do you think?

  • Hazey Jane

    i wore 2 dresses to prom (just to be different aha ;-)) and i have to say the long dress was my favourite because its a special occasion and as you said you cant go out clubbing at the weekends with a long dress on or you get weird looks with people thinking your slightly odd.
    i love the dress you wore and you looked sstunning.
    this is a rly handy article 🙂 xox

    • scarlett_dixon

      Two dresses? Wow, ah well – you can never have too many dresses 🙂 thank you hun xx

  • olivia tella

    I love your choice of prom dress very unique. Alot of girls go to prom in poofy dresses or long dresses 🙂 Im one of the girls in the long dress its turqoize and straight down with embellishment round the bust 🙂 love your blog <3 xxx

    • scarlett_dixon

      Is your prom this coming summer then? Thank you – I’m glad you liked the article. Yeah, I think I will go for a long dress next time. Thank you, i hope you keep reading 🙂 xx