The Spice Girls: Still My Style Icons

Spice Girl Chic

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If you're around my age (24), then you'll probably have some very fond memories of the Spice Girls.

Whether it was dancing around your living room to Wannabe, or fashioning your hair into high bunches, grabbing your hairbrush microphone and screeching 'who do you think you are' at the top of your lungs.

We've all been there, done that.

And probably got the t-shirt. Quite literally. I still have mine.

Anyway, while most people probably will only get in touch with their Spice Girl passions on karaoke night or when you've had a few too many proseccos, I quite like to think that I'm still emulating their style decades on.

And it wasn't initially a conscious decision, but I only really noticed it when a friend jokingly pointed it out.

"You look like a mix of Sporty Spice and Baby Spice today."

And then I saw it!

So, Spice Girl chic was born.

Honing in on the upcoming Athleisure and Sports Luxe trends (Sporty), the Tailoring and Structured trends (Posh), Graphics and Motif Tees (Scary), Florals & Fur (Baby) and Señorita (Ginger).


Maybe I'm clutching at feathers, but I definitely like to think they're still style icons of mine - and girlbands in general, are most definitely icons in themselves.

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Sporty Spice

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Athleisure & Sports Luxe

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I think out of all the Spice Girl's, Mel C's look has definitely come the most full circle, with the sports luxe trend highly coveted as an AW17 look.

Not only has it been seen on the catwalk, but it's also super wearable - and the combination between comfort and style is a rare advantage.

You can fling on a hoody, or a jumper dress, or a tracksuit to stay stylish, but it's also perfect for lounging around at home in too.

You can dress it up, dress it down and overplay or underplay the trend as much as you like. It's so versatile!

And I'd like to think Sporty Spice would be right at home in this lounge inspired jumper dress - perfect for teaming with OTK boots for a night out or with trainers for day wear!

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Posh Spice

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Tailoring & Structuring

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Though Vicky B's style is definitely less Spice Girl esque nowadays, 15 years ago, she was all about the tailoring and structuring, with a girly twist.

She was all about the motto 'black is the new black' and if we fast-forwarded her to 2017, I think she'd definitely be a fan of over-the-knee boots.

In fact, I think she may have even been tempted to trade in her signature black patent platforms for them, you never know!

Today, Posh Spice would be all over the tailored, structured trend - which has seen blazers switched into dresses and 'workwear' transform into evening attire.

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IMG_7364 2

Scary Spice

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Graphics & Motifs

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Mel B was all about the leopard print - and while I do still love a splash of this in an outfit, I think 2017's Scary Spice would be all over the graphic tee and motif trend, which is something I personally love.

Whether it's pleather boots, leather jackets or something a bit more rock chic, it's all about embracing your inner adventurous side and experimenting with style.

Scary Spice didn't shy away from metallic fabrics, clashing prints or flares - and I love that about her!

I sometimes wish I could be a little bit more like her when it comes to style because essentially, she embraces what style is all about - creativity and experimentation!

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Baby Spice

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Florals & Fur

- - - - -

As an avid SG fan when I was much younger, I think I would have most likened myself to Baby Spice, purely because my favourite colour was pink, my hair was blonde and I loved prancing around with pigtails.

But as I've got older, not a lot has changed and I actually find I feel most glamorous when I'm wearing florals, fur and something girly.

I loved Emma Bunton's positivity, her beaming smile was her most favoured accessories and she radiated energy, her hair springing along with her step.

And so maybe it's this, her ethos, her mantra and what she stood for that I loved most and looked up to.

Or perhaps it was just that being 'Baby Spice' allowed me to embrace my inner girly girl and be all things pretty in pink, no questions asked.

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Ginger Spice

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We're all listening to Havana, Despacito, Mi Gente and Reggaeton Lento so it seems only fitting that the Spanish Señorita trend has re-ignited once again.

Admittedly Geri was quite patriotic herself (who can forget the Union Jack dress) but when she wasn't sporting the flag, she was definitely rocking the red!

The flame-haired singer would have definitely been an early adopter of the Señorita trend that is now perpetuating the high street - with crushed velvet fabrics and deep florals prominent.

Geri also liked a body con and she was partial to a bit of leather and some statement accessories, so I like to think I've kind of nailed the Ginger Spice look in this picture.

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Why Girlbands Are The Ultimate Icons

I actually recently went to watch Little Mix in concert at the O2 with Daisy Dixon Watches.

I'll be the first to say that I haven't seen a concert since I was 10 and I was obsessed with S Club 7, so the whole family had to tag along for a night of 'Reach For The Stars' and 'Don't Stop Movin', so it's a complete understatement to say that this was such a treat.

Plus of course, they hired out a snazzy private box for us to enjoy the show - complete with unlimited pizza, wine and popcorn. I don't think life possibly gets better than that.

Anyway, because I'd left it so long between seeing a girlband in concert, I completely forgot how bloody empowering it is to see a group of sassy, sexy women singing their hearts out on stage and pouring love into the audience.

They encouraged their fans to be whoever they wanted to be, they reiterated how women should never be underestimated and how we have the power, by being a collective and celebrating one another.

This mantra, I am totally on board with - because as women, we are more powerful in greater numbers. Girlbands are the ultimate example of this - sticking together, supporting one another and generally being incredibly beautiful babes.



What Spice Girl is your fashion icon? Can you see any of them in your style?

 Photography by Kaye Ford