The Cosmo Blog Awards 2012!

So, as you may probably know, last night I attended the highly anticipated Cosmopolitan Blog Awards along with 170 other shortlisted bloggers. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the award that I was nominated for – Best Newcomer Blog of 2012, however it was a great honor to be up for the award anyway and as Cosmo’s editor Louise Court reminded us, the shortlist was whittled down from 35,000 entries overall – so to even be in with the chance is an achievement in itself. Plus, Em Sheldon from A Day In The Life Of Em’s won Best Newcomer and I absolutely love her blog – so I feel like it went to the right person! I did meet Emma and congratulate her last night, but in case she is reading this – well done again! You definitely deserve it!

I didn’t initially set up my blog to win awards or to be recognized or rewarded and to this day, it’s something I utterly love and enjoy doing! So, I hope you keep reading – even if I’m not the best newcomer of 2012! I really appreciate every one who took the time to vote for me and additionally, I really appreciate each and every one of you who reads my blog. Sometimes, I write about utter rubbish on here – so I’m pleased you haven’t given up on me yet!

I arrived at The Rose Club at around 5.45, as to be completely honest I didn’t know exactly where it was and hoped that since I didn’t know anyone – I would be able to meet some people prior to entering the venue. Luckily, as I arrived there was already a small huddle of bloggers waiting outside – and all of my nervous quickly faded once I met the lovely Claudia from Pink Manolos Blog, who I ended up spending most of the evening with! Claudia was also nominated for an award in the same category as me and if you haven’t yet checked out her blog, please do – you won’t be disappointed. She is extremely gorgeous and I love her style, plus she’s a fashion student – so expect lots of inspiration and tips.

Above: Claudia from Pink Manolos Blog & I. I decided to wear my red and black Lipsy dress, along with a black peplum jacket from Celeb Boutique. 

Once 6pm arrived and the venue itself opened, we headed down the steps of the club and into the main room, which was amazing (albeit on the small side though!). I’ve been invited to a few events at The Rose Club before but unfortunately couldn’t make them, so I was blown away upon seeing it the first time! The room was soon filling up with bloggers from around the UK, so Claudia and I decided to head straight to the bar! The cocktails being served were sponsored by Mahiki Rum and were absolutely delicious (so delicious in fact, that I might have had six). I read on someones blog last year that the cocktails were non alcoholic, which although is great for those that don’t drink, I felt like I needed something to calm my nerves – so I’m glad they had Mahiki this year making sure the cocktails were (as I later discovered) rather alcoholic.

Whilst waiting for our drinks, we met the gorgeous Adele from Into The Blonde (a brilliant blog you should also check out!). After receiving our cocktails we began exploring the venue and taking a look at the stalls which were set up for bloggers to try out lashes, tanning products and even – glitter tattoo’s!

Around 7pm, Louise and Pat (the web editor) took to the stage and began announcing the winners in each different category. You have probably read who won which award on Twitter, but if you haven’t yet – I’ll fill you in quickly:

Best sex and relationships blog

Winner – Panda and Crumpet

Highly Commended – All Sweetness and Life

Best lifestyle blog

Winner – Beautiful Clutter

Highly Commended – Three Bad Mice

DIY blogger

Winner – Heart Handmade

Highly Commended – Trends With Benefits

Best food blogger

Winner – Poires au Chocolat

Highly Commended – Sinfully Spicy

Best brand blog

Winner –

Highly Commended – House of Fraser

Social Savvy Award

Winner – Essie Button

Highly Commended – What Olivia Did

Best new beauty blogger

Winner – 10 Blank Canvases

Highly Commended – SHLYNSBIN

Best beauty vlogger

Winner – Zoella

Highly Commended – Essie Button

Best established beauty blogger

Winner – Dolce Vanity

Highly Commended – Milk Teef

Best new fashion blogger

Winner – Lulu Trixabelle

Highly Commended – It’s a LDN thing

Best established fashion blogger sponsored by Next

Winner – Strutt

Highly Commended – Polway

Next newcomer award:

Winner – A Day In The Life Of Ems

Highly Commended – Dolls Are United!

Special Mention certificate to…

Dotty Dolly

After the awards finished, the venue started to empty out – which was strange considering there was another hour or so to go, however it did mean that I could go up and talk to a few of my favourite bloggers without having to push my way through a crowd. I was lucky enough to speak to Zoe from The London Lipgloss, who I had actually seen at a few other events but hadn’t yet plucked up the courage to go and speak to. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a bit daunting going up to bloggers who don’t really know you – especially as they must have heard ‘oh, I love your blog’ hundreds of times!

I also spoke to Madison from Sex, Shopping & Chocolate which was lovely as she had just come back from a holiday with my mum (and her mum) and so having heard lots about her, it was great to actually meet her in the flesh! If you haven’t yet read Madison’s blog, you are in for a real treat scrolling through her archives as she is honestly one of my favourite writers. She has this really engaging and witty style of writing, that is conducted in such a way that you have no option to venture otherwise. Go on, have a look – I promise you’ll be glued!

So, although I didn’t win – I was really pleased that I went along and pulled myself together in time to enjoy the event! It was fascinating seeing all the blogs/bloggers I read everyday in the flesh and hopefully, there will be lots more opportunities to catch up with them in the future! I was a little unsure at first about the whole concept of ‘blog awards’ as really and truly blogging is something that is personal and isn’t really there to be judged. I also have thought of the blogging community as rather ‘non-competitive’, however the Cosmo team put on a spectacular event and the main focus was on celebrating blogging as a whole rather than disregarding some and rewarding others. The event had a really great atmosphere and I was really pleased for all those that won an award! Well done!

Another few bloggers that I have to mention include Unlimited By JK (Joseph Kent), who I spoke to briefly at the event and What Olivia Did (who I didn’t speak to, but she looked amazing!). If you haven’t had a look at Joseph’s blog, please do – if you love street style and a great writing style, you are in for a treat. I was lucky enough to meet him at a Bournemouth open day early this year, where he currently studies Multi-Media Journalism. He was really insightful into what the course actually involves and following his advice, I was accepted for a place (after my gap year) starting in September 2013!

+ oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the goodie bag – which was jammed packed with Next gifts, beauty products, food, drinks and even a Mahiki Club Voucher for a free night out for 9 people! I did take a quick snap of what was in the goodie bag, although I’m sure you’ve seen the exact same things on everyone else’s blog!

Tomorrow, I have arranged the very first ‘Scarlett London Blog’ meet-up event in London! I’m really excited and a little nervous to meet all the lovely people that write for my blog as they have helped me make it what it is today and hopefully – they will assist me in transforming what you now know as a blog, into an online magazine. I am always on the look out for passionate fashion, features and beauty writers – so if you are interested, please do get in contact. I hope to turn ‘Scarlett London’ into an online magazine showcasing new and upcoming writer’s talents – so that editors on the lookout for new writers will have a place to come. If it does sound like something you’d be interested in, just click on my contact page and drop me an email.