My Travel Round Up

With 2016 on the horizon, it’s inevitable to start thinking about holiday plans for the new year. I’m actually graduating in May (with a bit of luck) so I imagine next year will be more adventurous than most in terms of travel plans. I’m hoping to visit Thailand (watch this space) and tick a few destinations off my bucket list!

However, in the meantime – I have been looking back through all my old travel posts (it really is so lovely having a blog which documents your travels – as it’s so great to look back and see what you’ve done!) and thought I’d share them with you too! I’ve attached a couple of pictures and a link (in case you’d like to travel with me – virtually).

Vienna 052 Vienna 075

Vienna | Post Here

Scarlett London Venice (167) Venice 056

Venice | Post Here


Tirol | Post Here

Prague Scarlett London Scarlett London Prague

Prague | Post Here


Sorrento | Post Here


Amsterdam | Post Here

IMG_0156 IMG_0172

Wilder Kaiser | Post Here


Magaluf | Post Here

Travel tips:

  • There’s always a weigh up between planning every activity before you leave for your trip or just winging it while you’re there. Both have positives and negatives, especially if you’re going on a budget however I’d recommend a balance of both. Book the most costly things in advance so that your spending money while away can be used for food and extras. You can often find the best deals online too, which is a bonus!
  • Look for alternative things to do while away! Immersing yourself in the culture of the country you’re visiting isn’t always about ticking off all the tourist attractions. Perhaps have a look at some of the local activities, performances, markets and independent shops. Even something strange, like a local casino could give you a unique insight into the place you’re visiting. And of course, you could even win some extra money for your trip while you’re there. Although if that’s the plan, you might want to practice online first!
  • Going off the beaten track a bit can pay dividends when it comes to making your budget stretch further. When in Venice, we walked for a good 15-20 minutes away from the main attractions before choosing where to eat, as the prices of food were half what they were in the centre (and actually, they were far nicer too).
  • Don’t try and do EVERYTHING, especially if you’re only there for a short amount of time. Pick one or two things each for a weekend break – so that you don’t rush. Travelling isn’t supposed to be stressful, it’s about broadening your mind and inspiring you – rather than packing everything in one. I’ve made the mistake before of trying to see everything in one weekend and it ended up not feeling like a ‘mini break’ at all. More like a mini breakdown!

Do you have any travel tips – or any exciting travel plans for the New Year?