Twenty Of My Favourite Blogs!

I think one of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is the fact that you are then part of a whole new blogging community, where tips, photos and outfits are shared, inspiration can be found and friends can be made. I am always telling others how much of a blog fanatic I really am (and I must have over 150 bookmarked that I catch up on often), so I thought I would share a selection of my favourites with you. Although the below is only a fraction of the vast number of blogs I read on a weekly basis, hopefully there will be a few new ones you haven’t come across – or a few of your favourites too!

What I Heart Today

I’ve only recently started reading Lily’s blog, but I absolutely adore it and find myself logging back several times a day in case something new pops up. Lily mainly blogs about beauty and make-up, but also films travel vlogs and lifestyle videos. I love her succinct yet engaging writing style, and the mix of text, pictures and videos. Her blog is addictive, you’ve been warned.

In The Frow

With her pastel pink hair and english rose complexion, Victoria’s blog is just as pretty as she is and her reviews (unlike mine) are straight to the point, informative and well written. A mix of beauty reviews, outfit of the days and make-up tutorials, In The Frow is one of my lunchtime reading favourites.

Poppy D

Creator of the hugely popular WIWT platform, Poppy D is my ‘go to’ blog when I need cheering up or if I need inspiration for outfits. She makes even the most boring subject topic interesting and with her witty remarks, she’s bound to make you giggle. Having recently visited Singapore on a WIWT world tour trip, her blog is full of fantastic travel, fashion and beauty articles!


I’m sure you’re no stranger to Lily’s blog, as it is one of the most popular high street fashion blogs on the web at the moment (and has been for awhile). I love Lily’s consistent yet simple outfit of the day posts, which are shot against a white wall and feature items we can ALL afford. She has a knack for finding bargain bits on eBay (which I have purchased a few of and love) and since she’s been blogging for awhile, you can always scroll through her archives for more outfit inspiration.

The Londoner

Famous for her Slutty Brownie recipe and her Anti-Diet plan, Rosie from The Londoner lives the London lifestyle that I can only dream of. Although she presents her day to day life in a genuine, fairly down to earth way, I still find myself gazing in awe at her holiday posts (she’s recently been to Fiji), her outfits and her adventures with best friend Phoebe (and gorgeous doggy Custard) in tow.

Em Talks

Having spent a weekend in Paris with Em, I can safely say that not only is she a fantastic blogger, but she’s also a really lovely person too! As a self confessed beauty addict, Em enjoys reviewing the latest beauty trends (one of her most popular posts is about contouring – and her guide is the most helpful one there is on the net so far), as well as exploring other lifestyle topics in a really down to earth and friendly manner. Em is your online best friend!

Love Taza

Living in New York with her husband Josh and her two beautiful children Samson and Eleanor, Naomi Davis from Love Taza has the most photogenic life, which luckily for us, she documents daily on her blog. Everything about her blog makes you want to say ‘awww’ out loud. Please can I be her when I grow up?

Vivianna Does Make-Up

Anna’s blog is bursting with fantastic beauty and make-up tips, and it’s my ‘go to guide’ if I am looking to purchase a new product. Anna is one of the many bloggers who also runs a YouTube channel, which I am also addicted to – and I love her product recommendations as they are really informative, yet not overly gushy.

The Briar Rose Blog

With gorgeous photography, an engaging writing style documenting her day to day life and a picturesque wedding on the horizon, Megan’s blog ‘The Briar Rose’ is one of my firm favourites and I find myself looking back a little too often to check on her new posts. With a girly, yet quirky sense of style, Megan is very experimental with what she wears, but always manages to look absolutely stunning. Reading her blog has encouraged me to try a few new looks myself.

Ten Blank Canvases

If you are keen to experiment with nail art, then you won’t want to miss Ten Blank Canvases as it is THE best blog around for inspiring, colourful and on trend nail art styles. Although I have attempted to re-create a few of the looks myself, and failed miserably, I find myself logging back to this blog continuously as the nail art is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

The London Lipgloss

With her colourful locks (currently blue) engaging beauty reviews and gorgeous photography, The London Lipgloss (run by Zoe) is another favourite lunchtime read. You can tell that she knows what she’s talking about in her reviews and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion to readers, even if it’s a PR sample.

Pink Manolos Blog

As one of the loveliest people I know, I might be a little biased when saying that I absolutely adore Claudia’s blog ‘Pink Manolos’, but if you haven’t taken a look yet, it’s worth a peek. As a fashion student in London, Claudia’s blog is full to the brim with gorgeous photography, amazing outfits and exciting fashion inspired event posts. 

Really Ree

With beauty reviews appearing several times daily, Ree’s blog is the place to go for the latest beauty trends, make-up must haves and hair care tips. She is always attending the hottest beauty based launch parties (only recently, she met Gwyenth Paltrow and The Spice Girls, gasp) and I love reading her blog for all things beauty. 

Big Fashionista

I’ve lost track of the date I first discovered Kellie’s blog, but all I know is that I have been addicted ever since. She has the most hilarious, witty and punctual writing style I’ve ever come across, and she picks up on all of the things we’re all thinking, but don’t know how to put into words. Recently, she conquered the subject of scented sanitary towels – and I chuckled through every single word!

Media Marmalade

I quite regularly visit Mel’s blog and just immediately want to fill my online shopping baskets with new items of clothing. She has an amazing figure, and a gorgeous sense of style which she photographs daily (yay) and I love how down to earth and genuine she is in her little daily anecdotes. 

Emily Divine 

Again, another blog filled with gorgeous photography and an amazing sense of style. I really look forward to Emily’s updates, and it’s one of my main ‘lunchtime’ reads. If you’re a fan of pretty pictures and beautiful styling, then you need to take a look at Emily Divine!

Jazzabelle’s Diary

Jazmine Rocks’ (yes, that’s her actual name, how amazing!) blog reads beautifully, and is accompanied by gorgeous ‘street style’ type photography, documenting her daily outfits and adventures. One thing I love about her blog, aside from the obvious – is that she manages to find the most unbelievable charity shop and car boot sale finds, and work them into her outfit so that they look expensive, tailored and brand new.

Unlimited By JK

Journalist and photographer Joseph Kent puts together this street style and lifestyle inspired blog, and posts very regularly – so I’m always checking back for more. As a regular at London Fashion Week and other fashion based events, he manages to photograph some of the most interesting, unique and stunning outfits I’ve ever seen, accompanied by a well written and interesting bio of who is being featured.

What Olivia Did

Olivia’s blog is one of my favourites for outfit inspiration and gorgeous photography. I love how everything is so well put together (including the layout, which is so cute) and I really like how she isn’t afraid to add in a few travel photo diary posts and recipes too!

Sex & London City

As London’s equivalent to Carrie Bradshaw, Nixalina’s blog is full of showbiz events, fashion parties and hilarious dating stories and tips. I had the pleasure of meeting Nix at one of her events last year and so I can confirm that she is every bit as glamorous in the flesh as she is on her blog.