Unique, Fashionable & Quirky – Aspire Style!

As you probably may have gathered by now, I absolutely love purchases that are a little bit different, quirky or the kind of thing that will pose questions such as (Wow, where did you get that from?). So I was really excited when I discovered Aspire Style – an online fashion boutique that sells lovely clothes & quirky accessories and jewellery. One of my favourite smaller items, which won’t break the bank is this gorgeous make up bag, which is so unlike the average bags you get elsewhere. It’s so different, but really pretty and is the perfect size to hold your most essential beauty bits.

I love the little details!

It fits all my makeup essentials perfectly!

It arrived in such lovely pink packaging!

The bag is so unusual – and only £16.95 from Aspire!

If you want to take a look at the bag for yourself, click here http://www.aspirestyle.co.uk/products/gift/weekends-away/dandy-make-up-bag-1362  there’s also a lovely wash bag in the same range which takes the shape of a pink parcel all wrapped up – it’s so cute.

However, Aspire Style isn’t just about makeup bags and pouches; they also sell some fantastic clothing as well which you can order online. A lot of the dresses in the range at the moment are quite 50’s style, which I absolutely love as you can’t get many pretty 50’s dresses currently (without spending an absolute fortune or buying it from a large high street chain which means everyone will have your dress!) so I was glad to find a shop that stocked unusual dresses for an affordable price. Here’s a few of my favourites!

I love this pretty dress, would be perfect for special occasions/proms!

Ella Dress with a lovely print you wont find anywhere else, I love this!

I love this! Its similiar to a Victoria Beckham dress and is always very flattering, but is a fraction of the price at only £55!

Emily & Fin Navy Spot Dress – £49

I’m really glad I came across the Aspire Style website, because it stocks some really great stuff that no-one else will have. Although I love high street fashion, it’s lovely to find an independent boutique that sells some really unusual stuff and Aspire Style is really great for some lovely, girlie buys! Take a look for yourself, let me know what you think & leave a comment below 🙂 x

To get onto the site – click here

  • Hazey Jane

    i love your make up bag, i want one! hehe. 🙂
    the dresses also look gorgeous, you would be brilliant in a fash magazine! 🙂 xoxoox

    • scarlett_dixon

      It’s so cute, they do a gorgeous overnight bag as well! thanks for reading & commenting! xx

  • Caitlin Walls

    That make-up bag is so nice!! As you know I’ve been reading your articles and you have such good style! xxx

    • scarlett_dixon

      Thank you, I love all the stuff on the website – it’s so quirky and unique xx