Vienna Days 3 & 4

After a rather jam packed first two days (catch up on the post here if you missed it), we decided to take the third and forth days a little slower, opting to explore the parks of Vienna a little more, getting away (just temporarily) from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets.

Day Three

After another fantastic breakfast at the hotel, Max and I decided to head towards the canal for a casual day of people watching and good food. Our good intentions (to walk for 45 minutes up and down the quiet canal) quickly faded as we sniffed out (quite literally) a gorgeous little cafe overlooking the canal, who served corn on the cob and cheesy chips.

Vienna 039 Vienna 040 Vienna 044 Vienna 048 Vienna 057 Vienna 110 Vienna 111

With soaring temperatures, we made the cafe ‘home’ for several hours, watching the world go by and enjoying our surroundings. I’m not being very descriptive here, as the place unfortunately (as far as I could see) didn’t have a name, however if you do get a chance to visit the canal (nearest station is Schwedenplatz) then it’s the cafe that overlooks the pool. Their food is amazing, and very affordable (unfortunately it was scoffed before I could snap it) and the views are incredible.

Staying loyal to our new favourite cocktail bar (again overlooking the canal, only this time from a different angle), we headed back to the terrace for another round of Watermelon Martinis.

Day Four

With our departure looming over us (your final day is never your favourite) we wanted to make the very most out of our time left in Vienna, so decided to find a traditional Gasthaus, since most of the food we’d consumed up until this point was largely English, Italian or a mix of the two. Famed for their beer and stodgy meals, Gasthaus’ aren’t for the fainthearted, but they really allow you to immerse yourself in real Austrian cuisine and culture. With the waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional lederhosen, it’s quite an experience.

Unfortunately for me, traditional Austrian food doesn’t have much in the way of vegetarian options, however the Gasthaus we stopped at, situated just outside the Belevedere Palace Gates did offer lots of side options such as steamed potatoes, potato rosti and potatoes in parsley, that were suitable. Luckily, I love potatoes.

Vienna 176 Vienna 177 Vienna 179 Vienna 185 Vienna 204

After a hearty lunch, we (practically waddled) over to the palace gardens, where we spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing and taking in our beautiful surroundings. Vienna really is the most gorgeous city in the summertime, as despite it’s busy bustling atmosphere, there is so much greenery and unlike London, it doesn’t feel stuffy or overwhelming at times. There is the metro and the tram system to get your head around, but even then – everyone strolls on and off at their own pace, there’s no real unfriendly rush.

If you do get a chance to visit, I hope my little Vienna series has helped you plan a few activities. And if not, please do feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’ve written about Vienna in short here and in detail here.