Weekend escapes: Top tips for packing light

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Having a weekend getaway to look forward to is a great feeling.

Whether you’re visiting The Grand, York for a city break with friends or a relaxing spa weekend with your partner, it’s likely that you will have an idea of certain landmarks that you wish to see, restaurants to dine in or activities to do, ahead of time.

Getting the low down on you the destination your planning a weekend escape to is a great way to build excitement and to ensure you get the most from your trip.

While getting away may work wonders for reducing your stress levels, for the fashion lovers out there, packing light is not an easy task.

Of course, how will you know what you feel like wearing each morning?!

On top of that, with hand luggage alone, there’s not much space to be able to pack your desired holiday edit that also accounts for unpredictable weather and spontaneous activities.

To keep stress levels to a minimum, its important to carefully curate your packing list, and pack smartly.

Pick out a few key transitional pieces that will take you from day to night and are versatile. If this doesn’t sound easy, here are some top tips to for packing light:

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Before anything else, decide on your travel bag

Before even thinking about what you want to pack, it’s important to decide on your travel bag. For a weekend break, you’re likely travelling with hand luggage only so make sure to choose a travel bag that has as much room as possible while also being light and practical. Although an oversized weekender may look more fashionable, a small suitcase with wheels may give you more space and prove easier to carry around.

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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Suss out what’s included in your hotel room

Often, you may find that some bulky holiday essentials, such as a hairdryer and beach towels, are included in your hotel room. Check online or give the hotel a call ahead of time to see if this is the case, as it could save you valuable space in your suitcase!

Lay out the essentials

Once you know what bag you’re taking and what’s included in your hotel room, make a list of the essentials that you absolutely wouldn’t want to be left behind. Passports and credit cards should obviously be at the top of the list as you won’t get very far without, but also look to include electronics, chargers, toiletries and make up. Lay out the essentials and look to streamline where possible, with toiletries and make up, ask yourself if you can swap full size products out for travel minis to save on space.

Pack the basics

Taking into account the weather forecast, build your day and night outfits around the basics. A plain white or black t-shirt is a must and perfect for travelling and sightseeing in the day, a cami top is super versatile and can take you from day to night and a trusty pair of jeans or shorts (weather dependent) are easy to style in so many different ways and so can be worn day after day.


Prioritise statement pieces

Here’s the fun part, choosing statement pieces that will make your outfit. Depending on what type of weekend break you’re going on will determine what clothing is most suitable. However, the principal remains, work statement pieces around your basics. For example, if packing jeans, bring a couple of stylish tops, one for each night you’re away.

Accessories are your best friend

Last but absolutely not least, accessories are your best friend. Accessories such as belts, scarfs, hats and jewellery can instantly change an outfit and take you from feeling plain jane to stylish and chic. Make sure you bring with you a range of accessories that will complement your outfits. If you’re clothing choices are mostly neutrals, introduce pops of colour through your accessories. Have fun and play around with different combinations!

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