Why Your Memories Are So Important

Your first school disco.

That embarrassing time your mum dressed you up as a giant strawberry - nope, just me then??

Your first very wobbly steps.

Chances are, if you're around my sort of age (24, FYI) you'll have each of those moments encapsulated in photo form and stuffed in an album filled with equally as cute, but cringe worthy memories.

There's something inherently wonderful about flicking through a book of tangible memories.

Glazing over the numerous out-takes and lingering over happy moments with friends and family.

These days we're a lot more photo savvy.

We know how to pose, we know how to work our angles and we can take 100's of photos to get the right one, rather than having to cross our fingers and hope that the ones we develop will bring out a good shot where we're not blinking or obscuring the flash with our finger.

But in 20-30 years time, we probably won't be huddled over a photo album with our grandchildren reminiscing.

Because those memories will disappear into the abyss of hard-drives, tossed aside USB's and dusty old phones in the back of drawers.

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Time is a funny old thing. It runs away with us so quickly, I mean - HOW on earth are we in March already?

So today I wanted to talk about why memories (and more specifically printing and keeping those memories) are SO important.

Because when it comes to them disappearing, I'm clearly not the only one who thinks we're onto a bit of a losing streak.

The lovely people at Jessops have re-configured their stores to make photo printing, gifting and scrapbooking, even easier.

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Gift It

For the person who has absolutely everything, including a spiraliser, 47 cookbooks & an avocado peeler (yup, it's a real thing AND it's life changing), why not gift an item with your face on it?

I mean let's face it, you could have some REAL fun with this.

Whether you're planning your best friend's hen do - and fancy getting make-up bags printed up for the group with the bride-to-be's face on.

OR whether you're hoping to gift something super sentimental to your mum this Mother's Day, Jessops gift selection is a sure fire way to pop a smile on anyone's face. 

They have a huge range of gift items to choose from, including phone cases, mugs, blankets, cushions, key-rings, placemats, coasters and even jigsaws! 

Now that you COULD have some real fun with! 

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Print It

Over 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every single day. 

And yet we still forget to print them out! What?!

The new Jessop's concept stores are a playground for setting your photos free and sending them out into the world. 

Whether you have a special memory you want to get printed into a huge canvas print (we recently did this and it's always a talking point in our home) or you have 100's of holiday prints you want to share, you can see them free from the digital world and keep them forever. 

Many of the new concept stores are situated in the middle of Sainsbury's Supermarkets, which is super handy if you want to fit in photo printing with your normal weekly routine. 

If you're stretched for time, you can even leave your phone with the Jessops team, do your shop and then collect your printed photos when you're finished. So there really is absolutely no excuse! 

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Scrapbook It

When I was around 12-13 years old, scrapbooking was my all-time favourite thing. 

Aside from maybe The Sims. 

I would spend hours hunched on the floor of my bedroom, cutting up the NEXT directory, old photographs and newspapers. 

I'd make moodboards of clothes I liked, places I wanted to go and hair I so desperately wanted. I must add that at this particular stage in my life, I hadn't figured out how to manage my frizzy hair and so I resembled a small blonde Hagrid 99% of the time. 

As I grew older, I replaced catalogue cuttings with photographs of me and my friends.

I'd dedicate entire pages to our sleepovers and trips to the seaside. 

But then MSN, Myspace, Bebo, Facebook & Twitter took over.

And I forgot how amazing scrapbooking felt.

Whether you want to indulge in letting your creative juices flow - or whether you want to create something a little less time consuming, Jessops have equipped their concept stores with everything you need to document your memories in book form. 

You can create a very snazzy shuffle board (the 2018 scrapbook). 

Simply upload your favourite photos and then shuffle them around on the page until you're happy with the layout, then print!

Or you can have a beautiful photo-book printed, each page lined with an incredible memory. 

They are the perfect thing to pop on your coffee table - and really share those photos outside of the realms of social media!

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"Photography is the beauty of life, captured"


For more information on any of the above products or services, head to the Jessops website. 

Have you printed any of your memories? Or is it something you'd like to do? Do you have a favourite photo memory?