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Blackbird Jewellery Boutique!

I write so much about jewellery – I think I’m addicted? However, what’s not to love about my latest discovery – Blackbird Jewellery Boutique, which designs and creates beautiful unique items. You’ll also be pleased to know, that the items…


Pixie Knitwear!

If you want something unique and fashionable, that no-one else has then try Pixie Knitwear – the online store that has previously dressed Katie Price & Cher Lloyd that offers one off ‘sample sale’ pieces as well as a very…


The 9pm watershed doesn't work?

For many years now, the 9pm watershed has protected young eyes from seeing scenes of sexual content, ‘foul language’ and scenes of a violent nature however TV companies are now in talks about making the watershed stricter as regulator OFCOM…